Legislators should use public e-mail accounts


  1. Goodmacher says:

    Transparency is a non-partisan, good government issue.  Heath did an excellent job of debunking the statement from the legislative leaders, with it’s misconveived “it’s complicated” jargon – from leaders of both parties.  It’s simple, really simple:  the public’s buiness is the public’s business and should be conducted in view of the public.  

    Thanks to the UNM student too for pointing out that Governor Martinez’s recent directive to executive agency employees to use official state government email accounts for al public buiness does not include boards and commissions, which it should.  The public’s buiness is the public’s business, period.

  2. Heath Haussamen says:


    Martinez didn’t direct those she has appointed to boards and commissions to comply with her directive – only state employees. Good point. I hadn’t thought about that.

  3. justaUNMstudent says:

    Do commissioners have to use public emails?  If a person is appointed by the Martinez’ administration to a board, do they have to be assigned a new pubic email because of her directive?
    just a question about it.

  4. EW-aif says:

    These email addresses SHOULD be considered public, after all they are listed in the “State of New Mexico Roster/Congressional State, Legislative, District & County Officials.”

    What entity  archives these emails, anyway?  Is there one overall archive for all the public in-state officials?  I would not like to see the legislators’ secretaries burdened with this job.