Grisham well ahead of Arnold-Jones in money race


  1. Astute Observer says:

    So, Ella … you’re gonna vote for Heather and Lujan-Grisham because they can raise the most money?  Interesting philosophical vote. 

  2. new_direction_2010 says:

    It’s really too bad for Janice…cuz I think “Lady Sunshine” as she was so aptly dubbed for bringing web cameras into legislative committee meetings as plenty of crossover appeal to some dems and independents.  It ain’t over til it’s over and there may still be a chance for Janice…if she mobilizes the troops and steps her ground game.

  3. Ella Martinez says:

    My comment is a little late because I’m a behind on my reading these days.

    This really doesn’t come as a shocker to anyone does it? No matter how much we like to sit back and say money shouldn’t matter the simple fact is it DOES! Michelle has the money in her bank account. The DCCC will be coming in to help in the very influential TV market for her. Meanwhile Arnold-Jones has shown she can NOT raise the money. It is also apparent the NRCC won’t be coming to her rescue. Now her campaign will sit back and fade into a non-issue soon enough. 

    I personally as a Republican (am one of the many I know who) will cast votes for Wilson and Lujan-Grisham and do so happily!  

  4. new_direction_2010 says:

    Isn’t Big Bill’s former media flack Gilbert Gallegos one of Lujan-Grisham’s campaign honchos?

  5. Carol Miller says:

    WRITE FOR NEW MEXICO. Write-In Jeanne Pahls for CD-1. Send a teacher not a politician to congress.

  6. Dr. J says:

    Really EW-aif?  And Ms. L-G is an independent thinker not parroting the left wing party line?  Please.

  7. jimspiri says:

    Firstly, it makes no difference to me how much somebody can raise in cash.  That in itself, turns real voters off.  The elections should not be determined by what money can buy.  Now, as for Grisham, or is it Lujan, or is it Michelle, …. she refuses to give the little guys who are freelancers in Albuquerque, interviews.  Clever ploy on her part….touts being for the little guy but will not give an interview to a well known combat photographer from Albuquerque because her handlers “don’t know what the twist will be”….Grisham could raise a billion dollars…..that would make no difference to real voters at the ballot box when it comes right down to it.  Jones on the other hand is not afraid who she speaks with.  That in itself tells me who to vote for….

  8. ZB says:

    Why would the Republicans waste their money on Arnold-Jones, when they know Grisham is more Republican than Democrat anyway.  This one is an easy one for them to concede, knowing that lobbyists and special interest money will get the conservative votes out of Grisham that they desire.  

  9. ched macquigg says:

    Big donors expect big favors; no favors for sale – no big donors.

  10. EW-aif says:

    The poor support among Republicans for Janice Arnold-Jones just shows what rigid idealogues the Republicans are.  No independent thinking allowed, no siree.  Preferably no thinking at all, only letter-perfect parroting of the party line.