For Gary King, a rough road lies ahead


  1. Qui Tam says:

    Any word on the five plus year criminal case against former Secretary of State Rebecca Vigil Giron? Between the bungled case and the alledged theft(s) how much has that cost taxpayers?

  2. durablebrad says:


    The latest press release for Attorney General King indicates that his office has determined that their prosecution of a 36-year-old man for attempting to having sexual relations with a 17-year-old-girl is a victory, merely because they succeeded in obtaining an 18 month probation sentence in the case.

    A wise investment of time and money? YOU DECIDE… 

  3. Qui Tam says:

    “The pertinent question now is: Who watches the watcher?” well DurableBrad, would that be US Attorney Kenneth Gonzales? If so, don’t expect anything to happen there but do expect it (democrats not prosecuting democrats) to be used against President Obama’s Presidential campaign.


  4. durablebrad says:

    As of Thursday, July 19, 2012, Attorney General King is refusing to abide by a court order involving thousands of dollars of fines for failing to release details of staff salaries in August of 2010. An appeal filed by King in response to a ruling by State District Judge Beatrice Brickhouse, can only cost taxpayers more time and money, while serving to further delay proper disclosure of the requested information under provisions of the Inspection fof Public Records Act (IPRA). 

    Is this the type of action that the public should accept from the chief agent of New Mexico government, clearly assigned with the task of properly enforcing provisions of IPRA law? 

    Mr. King’s refusal to compel other government agencies (like those in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico) to produce public records in compliance with IPRA law, appears to indicate a distinct divergence from the information presented during Mr. King’s so-called “Attorney General’s Travelling Road-Show” presented by Assistant Attorney General Mary Smith. It would appear that the internal policies of Mr. King regarding his agency’s own compliance with lPRA law, may be subject to convenient new interpretations whenever political considerations threaten to damage his credilbility.
    Too late for damage control when the damage has already been done. The pertinent question now is: Who watches the watcher?       

  5. durablebrad says:

    What exactly has Attorney General Gary King’s Government Accountability Division accomplished recently?

    It appears that eight months after being presented with irrefutable evidence of improper conduct on the part of multiple public officials in Sierra County, New Mexico (many with proven financial conflicts of interest), the staff of Mr. King’s agency refuse to enforce provisions of the New Mexico Governmental Conduct Act. 

    SEE HERE: 

    So, if Mr. King is not even willing to go after the little fish, then what might voters expect from Mr. King should he become the next Governor of New Mexico?    

  6. Dr. J says:

    This latest political scandal is yet another opportunity for Dr. King to get involved:

    And the Repubs messed up once again by not having a candidate in this state senate race, pity. 

  7. stever says:

    I have no idea where to begin with what is wrong with this particular bizarre theory…

    Welcome to our world

  8. JerryLee says:

    King is finished – evidently, everyone knows it up him.  Good guy, good neighbor, but no guts and no leadership.  He should plan to return to Stanley or Moriarty at the end of 2014 and keep going with his wife on her European business trips.  Balderas would be a good D candidate for Governor, particularly since he used the senate primary to position himself for it.

  9. Juan Carlos Holmes says:

    “I think Gary King thinks Mary Herrera will deliver Bernalillo County for him.”
    Um, what?  Seriously, did you just suggest that Gary King is hoping for assistance from someone under investigation by his own office and who currently holds no office?  I have no idea where to begin with what is wrong with this particular bizarre theory…

  10. Qui Tam says:

    I think Gary King thinks Mary Herrera will deliver Bernalillo County for him.

    Mary Herrera isn’t a prosecutor.

  11. JusticeP says:

    Why should it be legal for him” [or prior DA Martinez] “to use his” [their] “office and the power of a prosecutor this way?”
    “When our prosecutors throw aside real justice to choose cases on what benefits their next election or their political party,” …[or favors I might add]
    “And who answers for this after irreparable harm has been foisted on his victim?”
    Answer:  It definitely is not the prosecutor for they have absolute and qualified immunity for their actions and do you expect another prosecutor to prosecute another prosecutor?  Example, is the justice department going to prosecute Eric Holder?  This is why we need to repeal all laws that grant immunity to public officials when they do wrong. In this example Martinez is no different than King.

  12. justsayin says:

    With all the big scandals of the Richardson administration that King ignored for 8 years, he leaps on the email issue of Governor Martinez. Then just days afterward, King announces he is running for Governor against her. As with all of his major decisions , his personal interjection into this issue involving Martinez is a serious conflict of interest. Like he has done with other political enemies, all he has to do is is announce he is investigating them, and maybe even get a ham sandwich of an indictment, to totally ruin her.
    And there is the rub. Why should it be legal for him to use his office and the power of a prosecutor this way? We need prosecutor reform badly in New Mexico, as many other states have done. When our prosecutors throw aside real justice to choose cases on what benefits their next election or their political party, And who answers for this after irreparable harm has been foisted on his victim?
    Like QuiTam, I am very disappointed that King’s fellow prosecutor Ken Gonzales has given Gary King a pass.
    Oh, and sorry to the first commenter, but Attorney General Gary King has indeed surrounded himself with a sorry, incompetent bunch of advisers. Their advice and his decisions has led to a toxic mess.

  13. Mike Goodenow says:

    Our party’s nominee needs to be bold, offer a vision of our state’s future, and offer a real agenda on both education and economic growth.   Hector Balderas would be our best choice, but others would be almost as good.  Lawrence Rael, Brian Colon, and Richard Romero come quickly to mind as good choices if Hector Balderas does not run. 

    But boldness, vision, excellence, high standards, honesty, intelligence, running a clean Administration — one can come up with a long list of leadership qualities where Gary King comes up short.  Thus King should not be actively considered by Democratic voters.


  14. JusticeP says:

    “His office, in contrast to so many, is actually pretty well staffed and competent”
    frustratedvoter:  I believe a more accurate statement would of omitted “and competent”.  His staff competence is equal to the AG himself.  Very low.  Truth is hard to find in the AG’s office.  Phil Sisneros is a disgrace and brings more into question King’s competence for allowing Sisneros to remain employed!!

  15. Qui Tam says:

    After the Santa Fe New Mexican called for his resignation, I thought Gary King might have woken up. The political advertisements that will run against him and his record are all but infinite. This is the worst thing to happen to the Democrats since Mary Herrera. Has she been criminally charged yet? And what about Vigil-Giron’s five year trial or is that some sort of gift to the attorney’s salaries?

    US Attorney Kenneth Gonzales, are you seriously going to ignore Gary King’s campaign finance scandals?

  16. frustratedvoter says:

    I could have voted for King for Governor a decade ago.  He’s smart, likeable, and I personal prefer the non-flashy, low-hype and sensation style.  But, given his inability to raise his head at all throughout the tenure of the most corrupt administration in the history of the state makes it impossible for me to consider doing so.  Sure, he’s apparently willing to go after the email scandal of the existing administration (and potentially future political opponent), but that just means he’s either more partisan or less courageous than I’d hoped and believed.  Too bad.  His office, in contrast  to so many, is actually pretty well staffed and competent.  It had to be choice.

    I guess this is the part where the promoter posts his thousand word Balderas infomercial…