Johnson has some appeal on the right and left


  1. Dr. J says:

    Ah yes, hope springs eternal in the person with a huge ego.  Too bad he can’t see how hopeless his chances are for any run for office.  But such is the mind of professional politicians, reality is not their gig.  He doesn’t seem to know the problem is him, not his ideas.

  2. powakee says:

    I worked in state government during the time Johnson was governor.  He was, literally, one of the worst “managers” I have ever seen.  This article seems to indicate that he has, perhaps, softened his somewhat ‘conservative republican’ views; but, even if that were true (my impression remains that) Johnson was a governor would knew no compromise; who was not persuasive and who was not interested in discovering or appointing qualified people to state government cabinet positions.  I just wonder, not counting his partisan political ideas, what would happen to these United States if another man like that became president ???