E-mail mess looks a lot like Richardson scandals


  1. Nette says:

    I see the point here, but how is this any different than if a public official picked up the phone and made a call to someone instead of emailing them from their public account?  What if they are driving in their car and talking to someone, does that have to be recorded?  

    I certainly believe that a transparent government is best for the public, certainly after the corruption from Bill Richardson’s era – but I don’t believe that all communication done by means other than “public email” is done with the purpose of being a secret. 

  2. laloba says:

    So, it took a UNM student to show some reason…?  Maybe there is hope.  Facinating to me.  Thanks justaUNMStudent!! 

    So everybody is so hot for Garey King to pursue this….doesn’t he already have quie a lot of unfinished business on his plate?  If he drops all the past Secretary of State and Richardson issues….not to mention te judiciary issues…. for this, I think it would smell a lot like flaming and twisted partisanship.  He can deal with this…and he should!  First, he needs to deal with his other unfinished business!!….in my opinion.

  3. new_direction_2010 says:

    Pat Rogers “should know that, given that he is on the board of the N.M. Foundation for Open Government and one of the best government transparency lawyers in the state.”

    Thanks for reminding us about this, Heath…truly despicable behavior made worse 100 times over due to his position as a board member of FOG…this just affirms my choice not to vote for him at the state GOP convention earlier this month to be national committeeman and thus not represent NM at the national convention in Tampa. He prevailed cuz he had no opposition and remains national committeeman.

    However, I had a gut feeling during his speech that day that something just wasn’t right.

  4. Experienced says:

    Okay new direction 2010, maybe I’m just a knucklehead but I’ll bite.  Tell me what is the “real prize” in 2014?  You’ve made the same statement in at least 3 postings on this site, each concerning a different article.  Is it Republican’t control of the state legislature along with the Governor’s office?  Based on your username, I’m guessing you might be a teabagger.

    Back to the topic at hand…Is the Governor’s spokesman’s only comment that the latest batch of emails was obtained illegally?  If that is true, hopefully someone will be held accountable.  But Darnell says nothing in response to the content and context of those emails?  One cannot help but think this is because they are not defensible, and the Governor must then be held accountable as well.

    If the defense is that the prior Governor was worse, that’s like saying we should not care if she robbed one or two banks (that we know of) because the other guy robbed ten and managed to get away. There’s a word for that:  rationalization.

  5. new_direction_2010 says:

    Thanks, Heath.

    If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it 1000 times…
    Note to McClesky: Stand down from the bullying, political retribution, and unethical activity or risk losing the real prize in 2014.
    Here’s a thought…why don’t you guys focus all those pent up political energies and vendettas on projects/initiatives that will actually benefit the all of the constituents of NM? 

  6. Qui Tam says:

    I think Mary Herrera and her goons had a lot to do with why Governor Martinez was elected.

  7. Hemingway says:

    Ms. Martinez is totally depended on her political adviser, Jay McCleskey. In the case of Governor Martinez there is an elephant in the room. She handled the District Attorney’s Office with great mediocrity.  New Mexicans elected a governor without any experience in state government – ZERO.  I am surprised no one yet has noticed the elephant in the room – so obvious.

  8. justsayin says:

    This administration continues the same old pattern. Just like Richardson, she has filled her appointments with politically connected people, is flying around doing political work instead of the peoples work, is raising money like a casino, is giving lucrative contracts to out of state firms, is running a shadow PAC in the same office as her official PAC, is making a power grab to decide how all capital outlay dollars are spent, blocks the press from obtaining information, goes after people in her own party, and has her political campaign chief running state government, and on and on.

  9. EW-aif says:

    Governor (then candidate) Martinez wrote, “…a new culture of zero tolerance and responsibility will be instilled in the Roundhouse…”  That could be interpreted as ‘zero tolerance and zero responsibility,’ which seems more accurate.  Martinez displays zero tolerance for those who disagree with her, and these under-the-table communications display zero responsibility.  Perhaps that is what she really meant.

  10. ched macquigg says:

    On July 10, 2010, Candidate Susana Martinez asked if she would support “… independent investigations of government looking for waste due to corruption and incompetence and authorize the investigators to report directly to the public record and not only to those whose character and competence are under investigation?
    She answered, “yes”, “yes”, “yes”, “yes I would.”
    Subsequent attempts to contact her about fulfilling have proven fruitless.
    When I asked her now Chief of Staff, the Republican Minority Whip Keith Gardner to champion transparency, he told us, too transparency can get in the way of leadership.
    They’re just “leading”.
    The proof of transparent accountability is transparent accountability; there is no equivalent gesture.

  11. justaUNMstudent says:

    “There’s one important difference: There were too many situations like this in the Richardson years to track them all. We haven’t seen as many from Martinez. That’s an improvement”
    Health, this happened in the first 9 months of her administration, break neck speed for someone who promised “bold change”.  Richardson bid rigging and Campaign Donation Contractors happened much later in his administration.  Mainly when he decided to run for President.  The fact that you claim there were to many “…situations like this in the Richardson years to track…” is true, but he had eight years to do his damage, she has been in office for one and half.
    I dont agree that she did the right thing with her directive, the right thing have been to make the IPRA apply to employees personal emails within her direct control.

    Bold Change for her would be to release all the emails from the susanapac server before they are made public in an FBI investigation into bid rigging. 

  12. Hemingway says:

    There is an old joke – A little girl asked her father, ‘do all fairy tales begin with “Once upon a time”? The father replied, ‘No,  my little princess,  some begin with – If I am elected.’ This is the case with Governor Susana Martinez.  Ms. Martinez began  her own fairy tale – Once upon a time there was a corrupt Governor Bill Richardson- everything and everyone he touched was corrupt too. He flew around in a jet spreading corruption in New Mexico. So goes her sordid fairy tale.
    Ms. Martinez then promised: “If I am elected”—-  She will expose all the corruption in New Mexico.  Now in a new fairy tale, the princess has turned into the frog. Corruption reigns supreme in the Martinez administration.



  13. pauleichhorn says:

    Republicans will find out what it is to become disenchanted with their governor.