Sunland Park among cities requiring no campaign disclosure


  1. Qui Tam says:

    Opps…I was meant to add -any update in Gary King’s years old criminal investigation of former Secretary of State Mary Herrera who was in charge of running elections for four years? Are the whistleblowers safe?

  2. Qui Tam says:

    “Should the state implement requirements?” – lol! Why bother? Attorney General Gary King doesn’t seem to understand what they mean (search “Gary King” on this website), the New Mexico Supreme Court doesn’t seem to uphold election laws (search New Mexico Supreme Court on this website), and how in the world can New Mexico’s good ole boy/girl cartel disenfranchise new voters if they can’t generate more discouraging and wretched negativity?

    Question, do career politicians hide personal monies in campaign accounts to avoid payments, to enable personal bankruptcies, to steal houses, avoid paying taxes etc etc etc? Yo Gary, this is why understanding campaign finance laws is important…not that that would matter to the Supreme Court.


  3. Astute Observer says:

    Well … THERE’s a shocker ..