Will tie to indicted woman hurt Chávez?


  1. Ma_Barker says:

    And did I say how fine our man is looking these days? Whew, check out that photo of this fine specimen! Why the older he gets, the better he looks in his campaign literature.  Ma, who is no slouch for her age — at least that’s what the boys say — admires those who like the Mayor and her ownself age like the fine wines we are.  Confidential to MC: when you’ve had enough with high maintenance aristocracy (old news) and  too much palace intrigue (still going), you come give Ma a try!  Til we meet again,

  2. qofdisks says:

    t. hinojosa
    Did you read the article?  The woman has not been found guilty yet and, it she is found guilty, the Chavez campaign will donate the 5K to charity.
    Mr. J, sex (of all kinds and circumstances) is not exclusive to Democrats.  I am not sure which party you are trying to insult here but, your comment does give a sorry Freudian insight as to your own repressed attitudes about love and sex.  
    People’s love lives have no bearing on job performance and competence. 

  3. Ma_Barker says:

    Que Pasó, Ed.?

  4. Ma_Barker says:

    Marty and his paramour are still smooching! Being the romantic type myself, it’s good to see that while Mares has moved out, the pair’s relationship status has not changed, according to a Chavez campaign spokesman cited by the Santa Fe New Mexican earlier this week. She’s just spending most of her time in DC, where the happy couple first got together, and preparing her defense on charges she and another main squeeze (before Marty) fleeced St. Vincent’s for upwards of $2 million smackers.  Stay tuned, lovebirds.

  5. Dr. J says:

    Oh please, if Democratic candidates were damaged by girlfriends and dalliances, there would be very few of them left.  It never hurt Clinton to have odd girlfriends and numerous ones hanging around, and he was married.  It actually is a badge of honor with some left wing groups to have people with morals like this, they could care less, as could most of the electorate, no problemo Marty.

  6. t. hinojosa says:

    Why won’t Marty Chavez return the $5,000 in tainted money from his indicted girlfriend?  I guess for Marty Chavez, $5,000 is worth more than ethical campaigning.  Also, if he shared costs with his indicted girlfriend, just how much of that did he personally benefit from potentially stolen money?  We should demand a full accounting of how much he’s personally benefitted from her money, and he should donate every penny of it to a local charity.

  7. qofdisks says:

    It sounds like her problems have nothing to do with Mary Chavez.  Why would he be called to testify?  The crime took place before he even dated the woman.  I fail to see how this could have anything to do with his competency to do the job.  

  8. ched macquigg says:

    Isn’t the real question, will the ties to Chavez hurt the indicted woman?

  9. GFA says:

    It would be surprising if Chavez and Mares didn’t discuss this problem and how it could affect their relationship and his future in politics.  Surely, if she has to face charges Chavez will be called to testify. He can’t run away from having a relationship, and he will not be able to avoid the negative press and controversy over it. Given that, more and more voters are getting tired of scandal and corruption in politics, and this will likely affect Chavez’ image.