Salinas’ win further complicates Sunland Park mess


  1. laloba says:

    When the mainstream media and elected officials scoff….how is the general population to become aware?  When they finally do hear, it’s so over the top they can’t believe it’s so.

    After all, Rep Joseph Cervantes said both in the House Voters and Elections the NM House Floor there is no election fraud or voting corruption in Dona Ana County, and that people who say there is are just trying to cause the citizens to mistrust their government.  So, it’s the people alerting about the fraudulent activity who have to be watched out for, right?…..not the misinforming media or elected officials? Right!

    Thank you Heath for disclosing the things that are going on in a credible way.  I wish every New Mexican was reading your blog!

  2. laloba says:

    Dona Ana has never been in anyone’s shadow in this regard!

  3. Dr. J says:

    I hear you frustrated, and I would be willing to bet that if a bright light of information and investigation were shined into many other municipalities and counties in this state, we would find this is just a common example of politics and government as usual in our state.  But no one is looking until something like this happens, ignorance is bliss in NM.

  4. frustratedvoter says:

    You can’t make this stuff up!  I didn’t really think Rio Arriba and San Miguel could outshine Dona Ana forever…

  5. vitaloca says: