GOP Senate primary degrades into nasty fight


  1. Heath Haussamen says:

    IP and Dr. J, let’s get back to the issue at hand…

  2. EW-aif says:

    (Sunday morning)  Wilson wins 83% of Republican pre-primary vote,  Janice Arnold-Jones wins 62%, comfortably surpassing her predictions.  A-J shows that it isn’t ALWAYS about money!

  3. stever says:

    Thankfully gofdisks, all you need is a R by her name, not to vote for her.  Don’t use too much energy convincing yourself.

  4. qofdisks says:

    Heather Wilson is back to her dirty and MEAN tricks.  We can count on her to game the system, lie, skirt the law and even break the law to get herself elected.

  5. Dilman says:

    Sowards mean streak is coming out like it always does. Temper tantrums when things aren’t going his way. It’s a shame that he gets so mean to make personal attacks but these tea party people can’t help themselves. Mean angry and uncivil people. Did you know there are 3 little tea party groups in Las Cruces now because these people fight with each other so much they can’t stand the sight of each other?

    Rachel Pulaski, is this yet another one of your conspiracy theories? 

  6. IcarusPhoenix says:

    Mr. Liesner:
    So rather than vote for a good campaigner who can win the election, who is as moderate as the majority of New Mexicans, and who will still vote with her party more often than not, you would rather vote for someone who is so much further to the right than the average citizen of this state that as the nominee they would essentially guarantee a victory by the other party?  Seriously, you’re the kind of Republican I love; you make my job as a Democratic strategist far easier.

  7. L.E. Liesner says:

    As I recall Heather Wilson’s U.S. House stint, she was way to liberal for my taste. She backed almost every liberal tear jerking bill  that was on the floor. I’m tired of holding my nose every time I vote, and I vote in every election.

  8. IcarusPhoenix says:

    Dr. J:
    While I certainly lament the shortage of good Democratic candidates and dullness of most of those we have, in a small way I look forward to watching the GOP be the ones to launch self-damaging attacks at each other; usually self-destruction is our trick, so for once it might be fun to watch the other side do it.

  9. Dr. J says:

    I am glad to see some passion finally emerging someplace in the NM Congressional races. What with Michelle L-G trying to be Griego-lite, and Hector trying to be Marty (Heinrich)-lite it seems no Democrats are willing to say anything bad or negative about their opponents. If this continues we will have one of the most boring, uninteresting, and predetermined Democratic primaries in recent memory.

  10. Rachel Pulaski says:

    Another question I want answered by the Wilson campaign is why they are scrubbing the internet of Wilson’s past campaign websites and how does one scrub the Library of Congress website as the Wilson campaign has done? Only a career politician would know that answer and have the ability to hide what I call public information.*/

  11. KennethParrot says:

    Sowards does know how to bring negative attention to himself. No one really knew about him taking subsidies until he made a big fuss about it. The investigation on Sowards is by Steven Hayes who is very well respected. It’s not like it came from crazy left wing blogs like the stuff Sowards quotes from. Besides if the tea party was true to its beliefs they would be appalled by Sowards being dependent on government subsidies and would distance themselves away from him. 

    The way this article reads it makes it sound like Sowards sent out his attack mailers iresponse to being exposed by the Weekly Standard. You mean those professional mailers everyone is getting weren’t already in the bag? C’mon man. 

  12. AHD says:

    Now it’s a primary race!

  13. stever says:

    Greg’s been taking lessons from Newt.  Good strategy

  14. GFA says:

    So, here we go, politics as usual. The following Washington Post quote says it all: “Washington, D.C. is a city lying in the gutter, wallowing in hypocrisy. It has become a bizarre sinkhole of character assassination and smirking self-righteousness. It will eagerly cast not only the first stone but any other rocks that it can lay it hands on.”

  15. galrepub says:

    To be up front, I am not a Greg Sowards supporter. He is always running for something, with no qualifications for what he is running for. I find him to be arrogant and rude.  That said, the fact that most of his income comes from state programs is a problem for me. For the most part, Greg Sowards is self funded in this campaign. You cannot complain about state government, Democrats, etc. then lobby for state money under a Democratic governor.  Mr. sowards has been calling Heather delegates trying to convince them to change their vote, not taking no for an answer.  As far as the delegate list goes, I find it hard to believe it has not been passed on to a third party, “in secret”.  Who knows, maybe a Sowards supporter sent that letter to make Heather Wilson look bad.

    As far as the LC Tea Party goes, members have said they endorse Greg Sowards. He himself says he is a Tea Party favorite.  Betty Russell needs to look at the big, white official LC Tea Party van, Saw a woman driving it at the Mseilla Valley Mall on Saturday, LC Tea Party signs in all the windows…… well as Greg Sowards signs priminentaly displayed in the windows. How can you say the Tea Party does not support candidates when you clearly do?