Republicans file federal redistricting appeal


  1. IcarusPhoenix says:

    Ms. Wedum is correct; having legislatures redistrict is a guaranteed political quagmire.  Dr. J, on the other hand, appears (as usual) to have decided what he believes without actually reading to see if he’s even remotely correct – or for that matter, if he even understands the story.  The Supreme Court wasn’t telling Judge Hall to chose the Democratic plan over the Republican plan – as opposed to the other way around, which is what he had already done; They were telling him to chose neither plan, and were questioning the wisdom of anyone holding a supposedly non-partisan bench picking sides between parties.  The GOP’s request for a three-judge panel is – rather ironically – probably the correct solution in this case, though they should be prepared when the judges draw the map based on actual demographics rather than party desires (the current GOP-approved map has serious population disparities).
    Of course, anyone paying attention finds the New Mexico Republican Party more than a bit petty for whining about the results of a special session for redistricting in which they barely even participated at all.  Of sixty-nine redistricting bills introduced, only ten of them were offered by Republicans… and fully half of those were for the PRC.

  2. EW-aif says:

    We need to take redistricting out of the hands of politicians in the first place!  How much time and taxpayers’ money did they waste on this issue in both the regular and special session last year?  Time for a bipartisan commission.  Our legislators should take a look at the new California commission, its composition and procedure for appointing the members.

  3. Dr. J says:

    This is excellent, the biased and poetically motivated Supreme Court we have here needs to be stopped from damaging our state for political gain.