Montoya to challenge Luján in CD3 Dem primary


  1. Ramirez says:

    qofdisks –  Have you been to Northern New Mexico???

  2. qofdisks says:

    Well, nothing new or brave or different in that announcement.  Is he accusing Lujan of “Machine politics”?  What the heck is that especially in Northern NM?  This isn’t Chicago.
    He needs to take some courageous different stands than Lujan.  How about that War on Drugs Montoya?   

  3. That One says:

    The guy is breath of fresh air.  He, so far as I can tell, isn’t so deeply entrenched in the Democratic political machine that he can’t still think for himself.  Thank goodness there are still a few like him around.  Too few in fact.

  4. Dr. J says:

    Hope springs eternal in the minds of those with big egos and no competence.  Wonder what whopper rumors Harry will come up with this time.