Like Christie, Martinez appointed gay man to office


  1. Shimon de Valencia says:

    How sad that a orofessional and avle human being is denied the opportunity to bring his skills and talents to genefit All New Mexicans. But not surprising when the main media outlet for this frenzy of Gay bashing claims homosexuality caused the fall of Rome. This is bad history, and this is gad politics. I feel for all the disenfranchised decent Republicans and Christians who have moved beyond this type of whitch hunt.

  2. MJM says:

    GM upi are right.  I too am a conservative but could care less about the sexual orientation of this individual…What i do care about is his capaicity to serve the people of this state..

  3. jesselopeznm says:

    Thank you for this story, my name is Jesse Lopez a, Christian, former member of State Higher Education Board, President Emeritus of ABQ Pride, and now an advocate. Because of your story we will be holding a protest outside this mans church. This isn’t the first time he has degraded the GLBT community, but it will be the first time we stand up to him. This Sunday a rally will be held in front of his church at 11 during his 11 o’clock mass time! Join us.

  4. gm says:

    These people who like to define “conservative” or “social conservative” drive me up the wall. I’m a charter member of the vast right wing conspiracy and both my wife and i have served the Party at the highest state levels. We couldn’t care less about sexual orientation. We aren’t too excited about gay marriage but even that is not something that would decide whether we support a candidate. In all my contacts and associations with fellow Republicans I have yet to find anyone for whom gays are any concern one way or the other. Not every Republican thinks like I do, of course, but like any other group we don’t all think alike. There is no bible in the Party that defines a conservative. We just count numbers on election night and no one cares how pure the voters in our column were. Being against Romney for not being 110% conservative throughout his entire career is just plain dumb. Withdrawing support of Gov Martinez for this appointment falls in the same category. It is narrow-minded in my view. And if the GOP isn’t sufficiently pro-active to suit the other gentlemen, too bad. I personally don’t care what your sexual orientation is but don’t get in my face with it.

  5. Astute Observer says:

    From a Steve Terrell post on Friday … who had spoken with Howe on Monday (Jan 23rd) and learned he (Howe) was running ..

    ” late last night, I read this in today’s paper:

    “I don’t know how to be a politician. I’m not one. I might be able to learn. But I need a lot more than two months to do it. I finally came to the conclusion that it is an insurmountable task.”

    I’m not sure what happened between Monday night and yesterday. But I guess that makes this card a collector’s item.


  6. Dr. J says:

    So true Hemingway, I agree.  But in case you haven’t noticed, no outstanding, intelligent, and competent people run for office these days.  We get the dregs who can operate with the corrupt and crony-filled political system we have created.

  7. powakee says:

    I have more than a few gay friends that also happen to be republicans.  While I do not care for the current conservative movement in the republican party I know there are plenty of republicans that are fine upstanding and intelligent people.  The only real question I have after reading this article is whether the governor’s own party can get past this man’s sexual orientation?  If I was a betting man I’d put my money on the party’s inability to make it past this hurdle.  I would say that if I won that bet it would only show that the republican party has been taken over by a group of people with whom I am happy to see ‘on the other side of the fence.’ 

  8. Hemingway says:

    Why isn’t this outstanding candidate not running for this office? It is sad and disappointing.

  9. MJM says:

    If he is qualified and brings value added great!