Guv OKs consideration of campaign reform


  1. Qui Tam says:

    Here is another prime example of justice in New Mexico:

    Come to think of it, the dude in the first link’s story did more time for an unprosecuted and unconvicted for crime than Sherrif Solano, Jerome Block Jr. and other convicted Santa Fe politicians.

    Yes, campaign finance is important, particularly when it comes to who the money is going to…

  2. Qui Tam says:

    Speaking of constituent services in New Mexico…

    This kind of injustice which involves multiple government employees and elected officials in New Mexico happens all the time. So far, all the victims have not been accounted for…but, I think that day will come.

  3. IcarusPhoenix says:

    Qui Tam:
    Stop accusing me of “supporting criminals”; disagreeing with blanket statements that you refuse to prove is not a criminal act, knee-jerk questioning of the ethics and integrity of people who you know nothing about is the act of someone who lacks the maturity to be an effective participant in substantive issues, and getting offended when someone points out that using an anonymous internet persona to call out specific elected representatives whom you have no guarantee are even going to read what you’ve written isn’t exactly engagement.

  4. Dr. J says:

    Professional politicians like Wirth and Egolf, and some others, are doing the job their money backers and idealogical supporters want them to do.  To push their agenda, they do as the people who fund their campaigns want them to do, nothing unusual about that.  Do they represent or listen to other views?  Of course not, they are not paid to do that, they only do as they are told by those that keep them in office with the big bucks.  To hear them arguing against “money in politics” is too ludicrous to even comment about, they know it will make no difference in their political money game.

  5. Qui Tam says:

    IcarusPhoenix – as a taxpayer, I am a constituent. Trust me, I am not anonymous to those who matter. It, however, is completely astounding that you continue to argue on behalf of criminals. But that, in itself, reveals your character. Good luck when you become a victim, which I hope you do not, of those very criminals. :)

  6. IcarusPhoenix says:

    Qui Tam:
    There’s a difference between a actual constituents and completely anonymous names on the internet; engaging with the former is part of his job.  Engaging with the latter can at best lead to a zero-sum gain, and has a remarkable possibility of leading to a pointless and unproductive conversation that detracts from doing his job… particularly when dealing with an anonymous screenname that has a notorious bad habit of treating even mild disagreement on issues (or, for that matter, any desire to even discuss issues other than those that particular anonymous screenname obsesses over) as a personal attack.  Thus, I ask you; what on earth makes you think that you have demonstrated yourself to be worth Representative Wirth’s time in your current faceless form?  More often than not, you simply come across as a faceless version of those Tea Partiers who used to go to town halls to shout down members of Congress in whose districts they didn’t even live.

  7. Qui Tam says:

    I for one like watching my elected representative participating with constituents, I find it informative and the true essence of doing one’s job. I think it shows courage, honesty, backbone, and a true desire to preform one’s duties. The question you might ask yourself IcarusPhoenix is how and why you spend your time like you do.

  8. IcarusPhoenix says:

    Or, rather than making the amateur mistake of wasting time to reply to anonymous words on the internet, Senator Wirth could instead spend the time doing his job.

  9. Qui Tam says:

    Senator Peter Wirth – please do feel free to make a comment on !

  10. Qui Tam says:

    How about upholding the laws already on the books?

    Or at least finding someone who will?

    Great initiative Senator Wirth and Governor Martinez. May I suggest a task force be formed to carefully scrutinize the campaign contributions and fundraisers of all current political candidates? How about doing an extensive search going back to 1995, with all findings posted on a specific website? And might I suggest that if criminal activity is found to have occured, let that body of evidence circumvent AG King and be forwarded to an entity that actually prosecutes crimes.

    Thank you for your time and attention to these grave matters. 

  11. EW-aif says:

    I notice that the bills she is supporting are both sponsored by Republicans.  Where’s the “compromise?”  Not that those two bills are necessarily bad.