Barela won’t run for CD1 seat


  1. IcarusPhoenix says:

    Dr. J:
    I honestly think that Secretary Barela is making a mistake; an open seat against either Councilor Griego or Ex-Mayor Chavez is the best – and possibly last for a long while – chance he’s going to have at Congress.  For that matter, he was the best (read: “most-likely-to-be-elected”) candidate in the GOP field.  Mr. Smith is a non-starter, even if ex-Representative Arnold-Jones can win a primary in the factphobic Sound-Bite Party she’d face an uphill battle even in the general from the right of her own party, and as for Councillor Lewis… well, to quote an elected official who shall remain nameless, “That guy’s a nut.”
    And yes, folks, I do realize it’s a bit odd for Dr. J and I to be disagreeing in this particular direction.

  2. Qui Tam says:

    JerryLee – maybe he couldn’t get enough valid signatures and didn’t want to cheat/break the law and go thru that embarrassment?

  3. JerryLee says:

    Odd announcement … less than a month from the deadline for submission of signatures to be on the ballot (a guy who wasn’t running announces that he isn’t running) … and an odd statement from Savant Jones – whatever.

  4. Dr. J says:

    Good move Jon, you have shown you are smarter than I thought, many of the other candidates, since they have not withdrawn, obviously are not.