Martinez popularity ‘sky high,’ poll says


  1. JusticeP says:

    JerryLee:  Our de facto governor is spelled McClesky.

  2. JerryLee says:

    Gofdisks – huh?  You paint our democrat led legislature as a defender of the faith (well, I guess they are, so you’re right there … but its their own, not that of the citizens) and guards upon the wall to protect us from the mongol hoards of Martinez.  Come on!  Pretty much the same group of guys and gals who enabled Richardson and his shenanigans and you think they’ve changed?  Wow.

    The POS poll is slanted, just like the PPP poll was – both organizations are tools of the political power heirarchy and both should be taken with a grain of salt.  But one reason Martinez remains above 50% is because the issues she (or McClusky) picked to fight about in the courts were popularly themed and court ruled the way she (or McClusky) thought they would.  For Heavens sake – she did the same thing with this unemployment tax issue as Richardson did with another issue and both were wrong.  But the Gofdisks Keepers of the Faith supported Richardson and oppose her because (drum roll) … they are different party’s.

    Same do-do we see nationally – partisan, power based, money based issues, decision and opposition.        

  3. justsayin says:

    The average person on the street hasn’t added it all up yet, the popularity is based on exposure. She gets a lot of exposure, having the Supreme Court find her “guilty” time and time again trying to abuse her authority.
    Stever, so far, she has been exactly like Bill Richardson. Hiring and appointing political pals, hiring spouses of her staff into lucrative jobs they don’t qualify for, firing state employees to make room for her own appointments, telling boards and commissions how to vote, appointing donors to boards, funny money business with Albuquerque Downs, traveling out of state to give speeches for her party that have absolutely nothing to do with New Mexico business, having her state driver break the speed limits to get her to events on time, etc etc etc

  4. qofdisks says:

    She is only popular because our Democratic legislature and our judicial system has prevented her from over-stepping like her counterparts in other states like Wisconsin.

  5. stever says:

    She’s not Bill Richardson

  6. JusticeP says:

    Even thought I supported Martinez; hoping for a change–can anyone provide a list of Martinez’s accomplishments that deserve this opinion poll rating by New Mexicans?