Lefty blogger’s death creates a void that won’t be easy to fill


  1. qofdisks says:

    I can’t begin to express my sorrow at this loss to our state of New Mexico.  Barb’s Democracy for New Mexico has been a daily perusal in my life for many years and I have serious doubts that the void she leaves can be filled for the state or for me.  I feel this loss on a personal level although I was never allowed to meet Barb.  I have commented on her blog since it’s beginning and it will ever be my favorite site in which to express my opinions.
    My deepest sympathy and prayers go to her loving life partner, Ellen.  I feel regret and frustration that this devoted couple were never allowed to marry and only hope that the world will be kind to Ellen and her beautiful little birds. 
    I miss Barb with all my heart.