Retired Army sergeant joins CD1 race


  1. Astute Observer says:

    Anybody seen this guy over the last 10 or 11 days?  People are looking for him.

  2. Thomas Molitor says:

    Mr. Smith on his website bio says, “Gary’s mother LaVerne raised Gary and his three siblings to believe if you work hard and trust in God, you can accomplish anything you put your mind to.”
    Bagging three million in donations will help as well, Gary, which is what CD-1 requires for serious consideration. Good luck!

  3. Mick says:

    First of all, I welcome Mr. Smith to race. He adds an interesting perspective to the race in CD1. I don’t have a dog in that fight; I am resident of CD2 where I am anxious to support any credible entrant against the incumbent.

    And second, thank you Heath for the link to Wikipedia. Please point that link out to Dr. Swickard to whom I have previously pointed out how irritating it is to hear this insult (the Democrat Party vice the Democratic Party) repeated by journalists who know should know better. And for those who don’t; that’s why there are style guides. I enjoyed listening to Michael Swickard on his old afternoon radio show and I occasionally catch his morning show now. Michael seemed shocked when I mentioned to him on his afternoon radio show that repeated use of the word Democrat in the manner he used it was regarded as a slur. Hopefully, he’s quit doing that.

    Now, I know we all have friends who just can’t help themselves when they find something that seems so trivial that they know gets our goat, but an insult is an insult.


    Michael J. Flynn

  4. IcarusPhoenix says:


    Are you seriously trying to convince a journalist to commit what is essentially an ethical violation because of your whiney belief that people who disagree with you are automatically undemocractic?

  5. Heath Haussamen says:

    Author – I don’t think so. As far as I’m concerned, the name of a party is a term that should be determined by that party. The Republican Party calls itself the Republican Party, so I do too. The Democratic Party calls itself the Democratic Party, so I do too.

    More on the history of the term “Democrat Party” can be found here:

  6. Author says:

    Heath please us Democrat when writing about the political group. It is so misleading to call them democratic. They are not democratic so much as a group that uses the term to cover their actions.