Report: 19 NM voters may be foreign nationals


  1. IcarusPhoenix says:

    ‘Invalid votes have been cast,’  – it is what it is…
    That’s true; specifically, “what it is” is an empty allegation for which she has refused to provide proof, in contravention of the Inspection of Public Records Act.  If the Attorney General were to “get to work”, as Qui Tam suggests (something we all know is… unlikely), the work he would be pretty much required to do by law would be a criminal investigation of the Secretary of State.  Unfortunately for him, since that investigation would be into violations of a law that he is also notorious for violating, perhaps it’s best for him if he doesn’t.

  2. Qui Tam says:

    ‘Invalid votes have been cast,’  – it is what it is…

    Thank you for cleaning up part of the mess Secretary Duran.

    Get to work Attorney General Gary King.

  3. MJM says:

    IP you may be right here…but the staff to run this is not in place.  Kind of like having a spaceship without the astronauts…I don’t even trust a big brain like you to have that skill set..let alone a puny brain like mine…Have a good one.