I won’t vote to bail out the postal service


  1. OakTruncheon says:

    Well, of course he won’t vote to “kick the can down the road.” not when his cronies voted to kick the can into the gears in the first place, requiring the USPS to pay out, in advance, for the pensions of workers who haven’t actually been born yet.

  2. Mr64 says:

    Not too often I agree with Congressman Pearce (honestly can’t remember one!) but I think he hit the nail on the head this time. USPS has actively run off customers such as myself with the bad attitudes at the lower levels and a too hell with the customer attitude at the upper levels. The UPS driver is already a fixture in most rural areas.

  3. GFA says:

    Congressman Pearce’s comments regarding the USPS aren’t surprising given Republicans attitude on nearly everything including not supporting jobs, chopping up entitlements; no new taxes pledges, etc., and then wanting to privatize everything.

    Clearly, Congress’ inaction on nearly everything is why their approval rating is in the gutter.