Barela, Steinborn might join congressional races


  1. stever says:

    Dr J, correct me if I’m wrong but I think there is some oil and gas production activity is Pearce’s district.  If I look at a map it makes sense that many of those companies involved in that activity are not headquartered in Santa Fe or Albuquerque.  But I could be wrong (eyes roll)

  2. Dr. J says:

    Interested says:  “Steve Pearce gets 46% of his contributions from OUTSIDE of New Mexico, mostly from oil and gas, including the Koch Industries.”

    Interesting alright.   Maplight also says:  “Tom Udall received 62% of campaign contributions ($887,181) from outside his district. (Rank: 369 out of 421.)
    Tom Udall received 56% of campaign contributions ($799,920) from outside his state. (Rank: 216 out of 421.)”

    And of course they were mostly from trial lawyers and enviro-pressure groups.  Pity they don’t or won’t show Jeff, Ben Ray, and Marty’s breakdowns geographically.  I would say Steve looks pretty locally focused compared to others.

  3. interested says:

    Steve Pearce gets 46% of his contributions from OUTSIDE of New Mexico, mostly from oil and gas, including the Koch Industries.  See  The father of Charles and David Koch was a founding member of the John Birch Society. 

  4. stever says:

    Well Jeff is more qualified than Ben Ray Lujan, so he’s got that going for him.

  5. Oldentyme says:

    It would be a careless act if New Mexico voters were unresponsive to Mr. Steinborn’s efforts to become the candidate for Mr. Pearce’s seat in Congress. Steve Pearce has served his country (thank him for that), and become a successful business owner… we cannot “punish” him for that!
    However, he has done little else to aid New Mexican constituents and nothing for the national
    well-being. His Super-Right views spill over in his written comments, his voting pattern (when he is present for a vote), and he has no idea of the meaning of elected stewardship. Stewardship for a congressman becomes the job of placing America First… not party-above-all!
    I urge all who can vote to do so, first, but urge Mr. Steinborn’s campaign to “light-up and put the red-head into Congress where he can make a difference.”

  6. stever says:

    Hemingway, would it be possible for ANY democrat running against Pearce not to be an “excellent” :candidate? Jeff has nothing to lose by running for any political office. Elected or not doesn’t change anything.

  7. Astute Observer says:

    jimspiri – yes, Barela would have resign …

  8. jimspiri says:

    If Jon Barella runs, will he resign his current position?

  9. Mick says:


    You really should proofread your remarks before you hit Submit.

    As ever,

    Michael J. Flynn

  10. Hemingway says:

    Congressman Pearce serving seven inglorious years has done nothing for District 2. District 2 is the poorest Congressional District in New Mexico by far. The median income for 233,989 households is a paltry $36,439 with 17.6% of the families in poverty and 22.7% of individuals in poverty. There is a 11.1% unemployment rate compared to an approximate 8% for the other two districts. He is out chasing lizards in the desert, and people don’t have enough money to feed their families. How can anyone with common sense vote for this man.

    However, Congressman Pearce ranks in the top ten in wealth in Congress.

  11. Mick says:

    Hemingway: Mr. Steinborn would be an excellent Democratic candidate for Congress.

    I agree.

    Our current representative is dismissive of Democrats, even thought we make up about half of his district. Mr. Pearce calls civil servants talking heads, even tough Federal and State Government are major employers in the District. Mr. Pearce is even more dismissive of them than he is of Democrats. That is, except when he’s not pandering to that same set up folks when he needs their votes. How did WIPP soundly become a cause for the guy who says the Government can’t create jobs?

    For years, Joe Skeen represented all of his constituents, even Great Society Democrats like myself. Joe Skeen was a Republican that I proudly supported and voted for. Mr. Pearce, you’re no Joe Skeen.

    So yes. I’m for Jeff.

    As ever,

    Michael J. Flynn

  12. Dr. J says:

    Barela may as well run, he isn’t doing anything in his current “job”, and his ambition and ego are far beyond it anyway. He is not happy where he is, or effective, so give it a shot. Many similarities with Jeff, except for what seems like a Don Quixote complex. May as well give it a try too Jeff, you can use other peoples’ money and so nothing to lose and it will keep you busy.

  13. Hemingway says:

    Mr. Steinborn would be an excellent Democratic candidate for Congress.

    Steve Pearce has been a colossal failure in representing Southern New Mexico. In particular Dona Ana County has suffered. There has been no job creation by him. However taxpayers have made a wealthier man. The taxpayers have paid Congressman Pearce $1,148,600 for his Congressional terms in office and have given him lifetime health benefits and a pension for only five years of service. Plus he sold his Lea Fishing business to Key Energy that provides oil well services for double its value in 2003. His constituents have made Mr. Pearce a rich man – one of the wealthiest in Congress. Unfortunately he has not done much for his constituents – no job creation. He offers only far right political agenda.