An apology to Judge Murphy


  1. new_mexican says:

    Smith’s frustration is due to him being used by Chandler. The whole thing is strictly a political event on the part of La Tejana Susana AND Chandler. Thus is going nowhere except the front pages of the newspapers. Chandler will try and keep it there for as long as possible. He needs the exposure.

  2. laloba says:

    Thank you for your clarification. Thank you for your display of rare journalistic integrity. Thank you for NMP.

  3. wedum59 says:

    So it seems that Murphy was pressured by a party or parties unknown to solicit a bribe–possibly the bribe was to go to yet another unknown party. None of the parties involved in pressuring him, or in receiving the bribe, are being charged. He is the little guy caught in the middle.

  4. Ken Miyagishima says:

    Great Job Heath!

  5. jimspiri says:

    A good man does not make mistakes.
    A better man admits when he is wrong.
    You are the better man Heath. That is why will continue to be the venue that sets the bar high in NM.

  6. Nelson Spear says:

    Kudos to Heath for the public admission of the error.

    Gofdisks, the law does not require that the bribe go to the one soliciting the bribe. About 25 years ago, I seem to remember a fellow from Hobbs, NM that did federal time over a solicitation issue with a NM Governor. While the case was never tied to the then Governor, that fellow still did the time. Can someone help me with the names of those players and the facts of that case?

  7. cstillman505 says:

    Things like this are what separate you from the field Heath. You do a great job. Thank you for your honesty and humility.

  8. qofdisks says:

    Doesn’t soliciting a bribe inherently mean that the issue of the bribe would necessarily have to go to the briber? How can it be a bribe if he personally did not stand to benefit in the least bit? I can tell someone that they would be “better off giving” money to the church say. I could even be a jerk about it.
    Soliciting money on behalf of a cause or organization however coercive, short of physical threat, is not illegal. Even if you think his soliciting did carry some sort of threat, he certainly lacked any means what so ever to carry out any threat and the so called victim KNEW that any threat was bogus. This is the sort of thing where a person just goes home and spouts off the affront to their spouse declaring that the offender is full of it and his statement is bogus (only using terms that Heath would ban in this forum).
    What a waste of time and money.