The media shouldn’t decide who gets to be president


  1. qofdisks says:

    “Gary Johnson’s authenticity seems, well, authentic. The media especially doesn’t know what to do with Mr Johnson and his indifference to optics, other than to ignore it. Because how can a man dispositionally allergic to pandering get ahead in politics? Yet his anti-charismatic charm seems to have worked in New Mexico.”

    ” Mostly he outlined his enviable record as governor of New Mexico—the many budgets he balanced, the astonishing number of bills he vetoed, the surplus he left behind.”

  2. brushybillthekid says:

    Good comments, Heath. Your observations are on the mark. May I add one more thing? The Republican Party steers debates and media coverage to include those candidates who cater most effectively to their voting base. The media does it’s job to cull the candidates, but the Party has to keep the base happy, and a candidate like Gary Johnson is their worst nightmare, eventhough he supports many of the tenets of the GOP. I would love to hear the abortion-rights question on a “debate”, or the gay marriage question, with Johnson being able to weigh in. He horrifies the far right with his drug stance, which is spot-on. Johnson is getting the staft, not only from the media covering the candidates, but from his own party.

  3. Author says:

    Our government would be much better off if people like Hemingway and the media were to back off and not spout the rhetoric that they know what is best for the people. The people of today are much more educated and astute to the happenings in this country and the rest of the world.
    The people who vote according to the agenda of the media are doing themselves and the rest of the country a disservice. They have crated a media circus that is likened unto the midway call, “Come one, come all and see the bearded lady. You don’t want to miss this phenomena.”
    Until the people get their heads out of the rhetoric spouted by the media and most reporters they will never be able to see the truth.

  4. qofdisks says:

    They did it to John Edwards and Dennis Kucinich.

  5. stever says:

    Heningway, Fox has been involved with 3 of 8 debates so far, two of which were the only ones that included Johnson. Why you choose to call out the Republicans, who aren’t sposoring the debates, or Fox, which has been done more than any other outlet, reflects your own bias, not theirs. I get the impression that you would find fault with FNC if you read on Media Matters that they reported that today was Wednesday.

  6. Hemingway says:

    You don’t mention Fox News. Former Governor Johnson’s Libertarian perspective has been ignored ignored by the broader Republican party and Fox News.