Pearce is cruising toward re-election


  1. durablebrad says:

    Maybe Senator Steve Fischmann might consider this opportunity to represent New Mexico on a national level.

  2. wedum59 says:

    I think you have the reasoning 100% correct, Heath. I do know there is a new person considering a run, but am not authorized to make any announcements. If Democrats can hold on to CD1 we will still have 2 blue districts out of 3, which is better than we had in 2006.

    The only thing Pearce is doing differently now is following in Teague’s footsteps by holding more town hall meetings and making more robocalls, though he hasn’t bothered to open an office in Alamogordo as Teague did.

  3. ronny says:

    I disagree, even weak candidates have polled over 40% of the vote against Pearce. . Minorities make up over 55% of this districts population. A strong westside Candidate could defeat him. Like Joseph Cervantes. I would like to see Bill McCamley run again. I felt like he was a much better campaigner than Harry Teague!

  4. stever says:

    I think Hemingway should run :)

  5. Hemingway says:

    I love this quote of Mr. Pearce: “Jobs are my top priority in Congress. By giving Americans the freedom to work, we can increase our nation’s income, reduce our debt, and put America back on the road to financial recovery.”

    Here is the current batting average of Mr. Pearce in creating jobs in New Mexico: .000

  6. Dr. J says:

    True, I am sure the left wing Dems would love to carve out NW and NE NM from Ben Ray’s disrtict, give them to Pearce, and then take more libs from the Albuq. area (like the south valley) and give to Ben Ray. Then they would love to take more libs from southern NM and put them in CD1 to tilt it from a toss-up to solid Dem. It will be interesting to see what the left wing controlled legislature and courts will cook up.

  7. Hemingway says:

    Congressman Pearce has done nothing for Dona Ana County. The Democrats are in disarray in the county.

    Serving as Congressman from 2003 to 2009 and again in 2011, Mr. Pearce has had no original thoughts regarding jobs. In fact he even voted against worthwhile legislation to invest in jobs in renewable energy and homegrown biofuel. Mr. Pearce has done nothing at all in job creation in Dona Ana County. His six year record is dismal with the county’s total jobs ranging between 65,000 and 69,000 with no assistance from our “do nothing” Congressman – just hot political rhetoric. However, Mr. Pearce has been one of hardest working politicians in Congress when it comes to the oil and gas agenda.

    I guess there is no Democrat with guts and courage to oppose him.

  8. stever says:

    To make matters worse for Democrats in Southern New Mexico, there are plenty of Democrats up north who are OK with handing CD2 to Pearce in exchange for making the Third Congressional District more favorable to Democrat Ben Ray Luján and keeping the 1st Congressional District a toss-up or maybe also making it more favorable to Democrats.

    Once again, Democrats in southern New Mexico have no one to blame but the Democrats in northern New Mexico. They just want your votes in statewide elections and for you to elect enough state senators and reps to keep folks like Lujan and Sanchez in power.