Apologies to Pearce and his supporters


  1. brushybillthekid says:

    If only Steve Pearce would retract some of his columns and commentaries. Then again, he is not as civil as you, Heath.

  2. carlotta35 says:

    Other than the unfortunate phrase ” voice their regret that Gabby didn’t get popped twice” I thought the column perfectly described Pearce and his supporters’ viewpoints.

  3. laloba says:

    Thank you Heath. The article was below the standards which you have developed for your site. I was so disappointed…but your open apology heals much. Thank you.

  4. artiofab says:

    I didn’t like the guest commentary. Although not a fan of Mr. Pearce nor the majority of his votes, the column definitely did not abide by the comments policy of NMPolitics.


    If [c]ommentaries must add to the dialogue, not degrade and tear down., then I am wondering how “Thanks, Rep. Pearce, for championing commonsense government” does so?

  5. otis says:

    “That makes one in a row….” – Willie Nelson

  6. stever says:

    Thanks Heath.

  7. Jesse says:

    Well Done.

  8. whoisright4me says:

    While not necessarily a supporter of Pearce, I do appreciate you getting rid of the awful editorial. It brought nothing to the table with regards to creating dialogue to improve anything in this current environment. Thank you Heath for your dedication