Chávez is running for Congress; Denish isn’t


  1. arose says:

    It has been with much disappointment to see Marty Chavez “attempting” to collect support for a Congressional Run. Mr. Chavez is part of the “old NM guard” that continues, and was ripe, with corruption. The “NM guard” are not too different from the “Tea Party” as they are self-serving individuals, not unlike spoiled children who lack an ability to see value in negotiation to achieve positives for the people. It would be most interesting to see and hear about those who have drafted him to pursue this direction.

    Thank you for the opportunity to comment and make an inquiry.

  2. GFA says:

    Being from Abq, I would never vote for Chavez. Like Garciam and others here, it’s time for new faces, ideas and ethics.

  3. frustratedvoter says:

    JerryLee’s right in that Marty will do better than some might think as memory fades. Too bad about Dianne. She would have added a good/viable option and made the race more interesting. So, I guess we’ll have to see if our Republican options are as limited and disappointing. Alternatives are generally a good thing and we’re apparently not going to have that many. I hope this doesn’t turn out to be one of those races where you just want to vote no…

  4. JerryLee says:

    A Griego/Chavez primary will offer choices, and time wounds all heals. This will give Heath and Monohand something to chat about … and only 11 months to the primary in June

  5. ZB says:

    I wonder if “Mayor Marty” will use that photo of him wearing his short-shorts while jogging with Clinton from back in the day? All 5’3 of him! Marty needs to stick to working for programs that no one in NM knows about. He’s a bit old to be a freshman congressman who will have no power for several years, and he really wants to represent a district that voted him out as mayor to elect a nobody that we had never even heard of? That doesn’t say much for mayor marty’s electibility! Hopefully the big dogs will smack him down and tell him to drop out of the race, the way they did when he “ran” for Senate a few years ago, for what was it? Three weeks? Thankfully we got Udall out of that one instead of mayor marty and his short-shorts!

  6. ched macquigg says:

    I agree, time for some new faces.

  7. garciam2007r says:

    Chavez is delusional if he thinks that the citizens of Albuquerque will forget how “dysfunctional” he made the City of Albuquerque. He state that the federal gov’t “doesn’t work,” well Mr. Chavez, I say you don’t work. We need new fresh ideas in Congress, not the same insiders.

    Good luck (He’ll really need it)