Will the 9/11 first responders law do the job?


  1. wedum59 says:

    Our government also lied about Agent Orange, and about the effects of radiation from the atomic bombs before that.

  2. erikhawkes says:

    belief vs trust

    i don’t believe (past) their words (purpose)
    i don’t trust (future) their actions (vision)

  3. erikhawkes says:

    Without trust and belief in our government there is:

    No trust and belief in our Treasury Notes.
    No trust and belief in our currency.
    No trust and belief in our markets.
    No trust and belief in our laws.
    No trust and belief in the news.

    All of commerce and civilized society are dependent upon trust and belief. Without trust and belief
    there can be no recovery. Instead of working together, there are now two sides. This is just the
    beginning of a very bad thing.

  4. qofdisks says:

    Yes erikhawkes,
    It’s like when the Feds said that all the oil spilled in the gulf, just disappeared. In the meantime, the funding for the scientists studying the impact of the spill was never paid. Scientists have lost more than a year of research so, yes, our government is lying to us. Our politicians are all paid off by big oil. Our governmental system is based on bribery.

  5. Dr. J says:

    This whole issue raises concerns to me about responsibility. I find it amazing that police and firemen and city workers in NYC don’t have health insurance enough to cover this. And as for civilians, I am concerned that the entire U.S. taxpayer base has to step in for this too. As stated by erikhawks, the City of NY also assured people the fumes were safe, where is the NYC responsibility here? It seems to me they are ducking it and shifting everything to us taxpayers. But what else is new?

  6. erikhawkes says:

    The author states, …”the federal government and the city of New York assured people the stinging fumes were not dangerous, just unpleasant.”

    And that should be a warning to everybody. – Erik