Keller won’t run for Congress


  1. Doris V says:

    Hope someone strong and somewhat well known does run for Heinrich seat. We need decent Democrats in the House and Senate. Believe Keller made the right choice. We need good folks here in NM also.

  2. PinkiePinkerton says:

    This is good. Our representatives stop being that when they go to washington (See Wilson, Heinrich, Udall, Bingamin). Keller can do much more to serve the needs of New Mexicans in the State legislature than he ever could in the national legislature.

  3. wedum59 says:

    Keller has been doing good things in the Senate, got eight bills passed with bipartisan support, even though Martinez vetoed seven of them. See my comment under Molitor’s article on SB 19 (a Keller bill).