Denish, Chávez consider running for U.S. House seat


  1. justaUNMstudent says:

    Agreed on denish. There were alot of younger dems who were pissed off at her due to the fact that all the decent jobs in her campaign were filled by out of state consultants or her kids. She is a resident of Albuquerque and lives around Constitution and Washington. (in the really expensive section of that neighborhood.)

    As for Marty, he did sell his house and was working for a green energy think tank in DC, but all that is required is 6 months so he has plenty of time.

    Princess Di, please go away.
    Mayor Marty, please stay gone.

  2. IcarusPhoenix says:

    I’ve known for a while that Denish was considering a run for Senate, though this is the first I’ve heard of her deciding to run for the House. The general feeling from everyone I’ve spoken to was that there’s far too much animosity towards her from within the party for spending fully 1/4th of her campaign budget to bring in out-of-state advisers to show her how to run a pathetic campaign.

    As for Chávez… well, I’m hardly the only person to have told him that no one outside of Albuquerque ever wanted to vote for him, so his constant attempts at the Senate and the governorship have become pointless. As for a run for the first district, the voters within Albuquerque have become bored with doing so. Had he run three years ago when the seat was vacant, he probably could have won, but now it may be far too late. Come to think of it, is he even a resident anymore? Last I checked, he had sold his house and moved to D.C. For that matter, wouldn’t Denish have to change her residency to run for the 1st as well?

  3. ZB says:

    I personally believe that it’s time for a “rising star”. Both Denish and Chavez have been playing the political game for so many years, but neither has been able to “hit the homerun” or “find the endzone”. My fear would be that the same thing would happen yet again, if either were to become the Dem nominee. Both Denish and Chavez would most likely move directly to the middle (as Denish did during the Gov campaign) to try and please the non base. This is a year in which the Dems need to impress the base and stick to their convictions. I’m tired of seeing “Dems” who try to move to the middle right away, while we see Repub’s fly to the far right during their campaigns. We do not need middle of the road folks like Denish or Chavez, we need a nominee who is willing to walk the walk and talk the talk, and more importantly stick to their convictions and beliefs!