Wilson formally enters U.S. Senate race


  1. Bill English says:

    Hmmm….nahhhh I won’t say it.

  2. JadeinNM says:

    As “Just Tex” mentioned, it’s not just which of the “Heathers” will show up, but which record is she going to run on?

    An endorsement by Pete Domenici isn’t worth the paper on which it’s printed, or the breath by which it was spoken. Are Heather and Pete going to come clean on the US Attorney firings? Reason enough that she should never hold elective office again. (By the by — which is worse? A union employee campaigning for his candidate, supposedly on the “public dime?” Or a US Senator and US Representative tampering with the US Attorney in an attempt to force him to file false indictments on a President’s (or his Darth Vader-esque Vice President’s) “enemies” for political gain? Take a few moments… we’ve got time… Need a hint? Ask David Iglesias.)

    Or maybe it’s “N*pplegate” hating Heather — the one who was choking back tears at a congressional hearing on the scandalous Super Bowl wardrobe malfunction, because of all the damage that split-second, fleeting nudity (so fleeting in fact that without freeze-frame photos nobody saw much of anything save for the surprise on Ms. Jackson’s face… but I digress) that fleeting nudity is so harmful to New Mexico’s and the nation’s children — unlike child poverty, homelessness, hunger, the lack of health care, the dismal rankings of New Mexico’s schools, the state’s crumbling infrastructure, the continuing lack of diversified employment for their parents. Given a choice, protecting children from nudity on TV is more important.

    Or maybe it’s puppet Heather, who is almost as robotic as Michele Bachmann when delivering the party line talking points, staring into the camera and repeating the same lines over and over.

    According to the AP report, just about 100 people showed up to her announcement. Says Manny Lujan, that was real “show of her strength.” Really? If she wanted a show of strength, and if, as she claims “almost half” of the NM legislature is endorsing her, why not hold the announcement in Santa Fe, after business hours so her “show of strength” wouldn’t be all vaporware? (“I have support! They’re out there somewhere!”)

    If Wilson makes it out of a Tea Party-driven primary, she will be beaten handily by just about any Democrat.

    Maybe she can hire Charlie Sheen as her campaign manager. “DUH! WINNING!!!!!!”

  3. Astute Observer says:

    Tex raises good questions – and the purpose of a primary election should be to address those. Hopefully – that’ll happen. in the mean time – I think the Democrat response doth protest to much.

  4. Just Tex says:

    Despite Wilson’s “long list of endorsements”, many, including me, are forced by Wilson’s own scatter-shot past US House record, to ask which Heather Wilson will show up on the campaign trail? The conservative Wilson? The ~progressive~ Wilson? Or the fence riding Wilson? And we also have to ask ourselves, if elected, which Heather Wilson would show show up on the Floor of the US Senate each day, as well?

    Because of that, just look at all the excitement this monumental and earth shattering announcement has been causing all day! [/sarc-off]