Haley Barbour and Mitch Daniels – it’s one or the other for 2012


  1. Sarah Lenti says:

    (Sorry, typing fast.)

  2. Sarah Lenti says:

    In response to the latest comment — my blog is not written from a mean-spirited frame-of-mine. I am simply pointing out a fact, which is going to be dragged out. It’s a fact, period. I very much respect the job that Goveror Daniels is doing in Indiana.

    Here let me add another Interesting fact that a friend pointed out the other day — recall that Haley was a deputy to Mitch Daniels in the Reagan White House circa 1996. Mitch was Assistant to the President for political affairs and Haley was Deputy Assistant (or as he used to say, “The White House liaison to the Senate”. Interesting how the tables have turned.

  3. laloba says:

    Wow, what kind of mind, in this culural crisis, would make the top of their focus the marital issues of the victim of a marital conflict?…..and that victim’s forgiving nature. I know virtually nothing about Daniels, but I say he must be some man of character to forgive his wife and take her back….better for his children for sure. How mean spirited, to want to make that a political focus! It’s one example of why good people are driven away from the dialogue.

  4. Thinker says:

    As for Mitch Daniels, I’m just not convinced – even if Haley determines not to run – that he will want to air the family’s sordid laundry….It was an odd marital hiatus that Americans are going to want to know about.


    Although one has to admit, Haley Barbour’s illustrious career of being an outright bigot and scoundrel will certainly be no problem with the 28%’ers in America.