Disaster preparedness has disaster written all over it


  1. apbinfo says:

    Put Content In Its Place – When it comes to your property, what do you expect in case of loss, e.g., hurricane, tornado, earthquake, flood, fire? If you are like most of the insuring public you draw a blank on that question. “Control the element of surprise with the rule book by your side!” It’s the content that matters. http://www.DisasterPrepared.net

  2. Thomas Molitor says:

    Who could really prepare for an unseen disaster any more than a death of a loved one? We. as humans, do the best we can with the resources we have.

  3. Doris V says:

    “The rich are always giving to the poor”. Exactly what do you mean? I pay my taxes and some of that money goes to help those less fortunate than I, at least I hope. Lot of that tax money goes to fund the military-industrial complex. The corporations getting money from this are the rich. Oh yes, seems to be a lot of double standard in most of what you write, Mr. S.