New Mexicans speak out on Gila road closings


  1. lostcauses10x says:

    What folks seem to be missing on this is that the road closer is just the small part of it.
    The big part is the suggested restrictions on how far off the road can be used for motorized camping etc.
    If any part of this plan gets through it will be limited way less than it is now, It would be more like the wilderness areas over national forest as recreational. It is an attempt to take areas that are open to recreation and simply closing them to short of walk, horse mule, etc.
    Were as the limits may have reason (such at them recreational ORV and ATV); it is an erosion of the general public access due to the few who insist of misuse of public lands.
    It seems to be simpler to take the freedom of many, over enforcement of laws that already exist or need to exist for the few.
    The end result is don’t get on that government property, over the land belongs to the people.
    This has already been done to many national forest lands already. It is a very quiet and methodical method being used by the forest officials to shut out the people. All done under travel management plans. It wont just be Forest, it will also fall over to BLM and BOR etc..
    The method is working for the forest service; and others government land management agency will take it up to restrict the peoples rights.

    R. B. L.

  2. wedum59 says:

    If someone came up to Pearce and spoke in support of the closings, Pearce would ignore them. He went along with the Republican lies about Social Security in his Social Security “Listening” Tour back in 2005, this is more of the same.

    [ A bit of history: I remember the big bus, and all his supposed experts that came to the Willie Estrada Civic Center in Alamogordo and put up all sorts of fancy graphs on the big screen to show how much better off we would be (on average) if we invested our money in the stock market. They had one to show that the average return on Social Security was only 1%. After about an hour of this mumbo jumbo, I figured out that they got that number by counting all the people that died before they reached retirement age. And I said so (he actually did allow some audience input).]

  3. mjh says:

    The project page with lots of links. See Alternative F map (pdf) for changes noted on maps of the Gila.

  4. mjh says:

    See (from “Travel Management Planning Information” link on

    See Table 1 on page 22 (of 31). Doing nothing is “Alternative B.” Recommended Alternative A doesn’t appear labeled as such in table. However, Alternative F is the recommended plan.

    Keep in mind changes are compared to doing nothing, which seems to mean no limits on motorized use.

  5. charleebraun says:

    Yes, typical politician, these days anyway. And typical for government bureaucracy, the information on this is buried (though somewhat lightly). Go to the Gila site and you won’t find it without digging.

    If someone wants us to react, as this pol is calling for, how hard would it be to explain what is going on, how hard is to link to the useful information?
    But for anyone interested, here is the page with most of the information:!ut/p/c4/04_SB8K8xLLM9MSSzPy8xBz9CP0os3gDfxMDT8MwRydLA1cj72BTMwMTAwjQL8h2VAQArb-_RA!!/?ss=110306&navtype=BROWSEBYSUBJECT&navid=130110000000000&pnavid=130000000000000&accessDB=true&position=Project*&groupid=24477&ttype=projectdetail&pname=Gila%20National%20Forest-%20Projects
    (Even their URLs exemplify government bureaucracy).

  6. stever says:

    @mjh: Oh good grief, look it up, its not hidden, ever heard of Google?

  7. mjh says:

    I expect a congressman to have some *facts* not just a bunch of fears. If he knows what the Forest Service is up to, tell us. Don’t just frighten and rile up people. That is NOT leadership.