Richardson may visit North Korea


  1. qofdisks says:

    Thank you Bill Richardson. I am relieved that a skilled and experienced negotiator is going to N. Korea to help settle things down. Our nation can not afford another hot war front. We don’t have the money and we don’t have the man power with our ongoing occupations in the Middle East.

  2. Abq_Dude says:

    Regarding “Frozen Lightning” by Bill Althouse, maybe Althouse should write another book entitled, “Frozen Ambitions, Richardson’s Legacy of Failures.”

  3. That One says:

    Are NM taxpayers paying for this trip or just those who contributed to his PAC thinking he’d be VP by now? PT Barnum of “there’s a sucker born every minute” fame, would have loved this guy. Quick–get the camera…an international crisis! What an opportunity to get the Guv’s face plastered all over the media. This is even better than the Time Square scam pulled a few years back, with the Guv”s neon image looking down on all the little people. Maybe Obama will soon be calling.

  4. MJM says:

    My guess is te soon to be ex.Gov is going to deliver some red and green chili to his comunist compadres for the holidays. I bet he has a Cuban cigar or two from his visits to Fidels Cuban paridice he will take over there as peace offerings too. But at the end of the day…yet another wasted trip on the tab of the US tax payer. He must be bored and upset now that Susana is measuring the governors mansion for new drapes.

  5. KennethParrot says:

    By the way what’s with Richardson in all of these TV commercials lately? I’ve seen two this week, a DWI one and another one about hispanic education. The DWI one seems to be airing a lot.

    I hope Susana doesn’t start doing these commercials. It is very self promoting.

    Speaking about promotion, I find it real funny that as I type this, there’s an ad on this very web page promoting a book by Bill Richardson called “Leading by Example”. Best Price is $0.01 or Buy New for $3.09. Wow, they must really be flying off the bookshelves at prices like that! LOL.

    There’s also “Frozen Lightning: Bill Richardson’s Strike on the Political Landscape of New Mexico”. Price: $6.78.

    I think this says a lot about the worth of Bill Richardson.

  6. DAVID says:

    This year I am using my advent calendar not to celebrate christmas or any other religious event. Only twenty-four more days…