Meet the first gentleman, Chuck Franco


  1. ftrplt says:

    I met Chuck Franco when I was a member of the Special Deputy Sheriff’s Commission. I find Chuck to be an outstanding individual with his interests in law enforcement to be of the highest caliber. It would be a shame if our newly elected Governor could not put Chuck’s expertise to work in her administration. However, no matter what administrative position Mr. Franco is placed in, our Governor will be darned if she does and darned if she doesn’t.

    I say: Governor, the heck with the naysayers, take advantage of Chuck’s expertise and he will bring credit to your administration and to the State of New Mexico. God bless.

  2. jivaro99 says:

    I have known Chuck for a few years now and have found like everyone who meets him that he is a quiet unassuming person with a strong protective mode, especially when it comes to his wife. He was an excellent under sheriff and will be a credit to his wife’s administration. I find that he is extremely supportive of Susana and feel he will be a credit to her in her new position. As First Gentleman. With his background in law enforcement, he will be in a position to help with investigations into problems within the government.
    Like everyone else, I can only wish him and Susana the best of luck.

  3. Thinker says:

    From years of personal experience dealing with him in Dona Ana County, I concur that Chuck Franco is a great guy. The bonus (soo sorry to the Republican Rabies Sufferers) by nature and culture, he’s a stealth Democrat at heart who cared about crime, community, and the little people who suffer from it’s effects.

    However, finding a way for him to use his extensive experience and talent while his wife is governor will be an ethical and legal challenge, as Diane Denish (who also had to deal with the issue of being in a family with two high profile careers) found in her tenure as Lt. Gov. I wish both of them well in their endeavors.

  4. ksparks says:

    A Governor’s Task Force on Gang Violence would be a great task for Chuck’s knowledge and experience. I concur with galrepub, Chuck is a great guy and will make a fine First Gentleman of New Mexico.

  5. galrepub says:

    Having met Chuck on several occasions, he is a low key, all round nice guy. There was a picture in the paper of Susana at the victory party Tuesday night, Chuck was right beside her, and that is his hand behind her, in protective mode. He is also a gentleman.