Bingaman hopes to pass public lands bill


  1. Hemingway says:

    Reading some of the distorted and misguided ideas about border and wilderness and so-called elitists by some of the commentators reminds me of what Walter Lippmann, American journalist said: “When distant and unfamiliar and complex things are communicated to great masses of people, the truth suffers a considerable and often a radical distortion. The complex is made over into the simple, the hypothetical into the dogmatic. . .”

    There is no doubt the TRUTH suffers in this matter. As Francis Bacon wrote in his essays: “WHAT is truth? said jesting Pilate,and would not stay for an answer.”

  2. walleaner says:

    I hope Senator Bingaman is listening to the footsteps and got the message from the Nov. 2 election. There are too many businesses and organizations in Dona Ana County that object to S.1689 as it is currently written to keep pushing this legislation. Border Security is not a bogus issue or he would have passed it in spite of the objections of the masses. Congressman Teague gets the message on Border Security and won’t back the bill until he is assured that Border Patrol and Law Enforcement are adequately taken care of and evidently he doesnt think they are in the current bill. Lets wait until next year and have an open discussion about the issues and what needs protection, not just all the high points in Dona Ana County.

  3. Dr. J says:

    Hopefully this blatant land grab and lockup by the environmentalists, to keep citizens off their lands, will be deep sixed. This bill has too many onerous provisions about not allowing access by the people, it is just for the elite backpackers and environmentalists who like to talk about it at the PC cocktail parties in Santa Fe, San Francisco, and DC as another scalp they took away from the citizens.

  4. Hemingway says:

    Border security and wilderness has been a bogus issue. “Close collaboration between the Border Patrol and the Department of the Interior on many stretches of the border, including wilderness areas, has improved border security while sustaining land protections and community livelihoods,” said Lynn Scarlett, former Interior deputy secretary under President George W. Bush, who helped craft a 2007 memorandum of understanding between the agencies that many credit with improving relations between the Border Patrol and federal land managers.

    Read this recent study to confirm this matter!

  5. Rorschach1492 says:

    Harry. The election is over and you lost. You don’t have to make this blatantly PC statements any more. It’s now ok to vote for a bill that will create a lasting legacy as something positive for this area.

    As they say on Monday Night Football…. “C’mon man”.

  6. Hemingway says:

    This legislation is outstanding. However, there is opposition from the UN Agenda 21conspiracy believers. Just read some of the real outlandish thoughts of this group. You even have the PEOPLE FOR PRESERVING THEIR WESTERN HERITAGE believing some of this weird thinking.

    Then you have Henry Lamb who sees conspiracy everywhere.

    Mr. Lamb believes that government wants to make wilderness off-limits to civilians as part of the Agenda 21 conspiracy. He believes Agenda 21 advocates the dismantling of industrial civilization with depopulation and the complete governmental acquisition and abolition of private land. This is unbelievable, but you do have Tea Party supporting this Agenda 21 conspiracy perspective –

  7. stever says:

    For those who favor the addition of these new wilderness areas, the inclusion of so many different areas, has allowed the bill to be defined by its weakest link, the Portillo Mountains. While that may make no real logical sense, that is the biggest obstacle and an avoidable one.