Responding to unsubstantiated accusations


  1. Jer Wright says:

    Ms Herrera: And when we vote you out of office, and Dianna Duran in, will that only be caused by a disgruntled electorate?

  2. Claudia Anderson says:

    Well Juniors.. could you provide some evidence? You’ve made a number of charges, how do you prove them.

    Ms Herrera inherited a mess, she cleaned it up… and managed in the process to make sure that we ran such an efficient election in 08 that she was invited to testify before Congress on how she did it.

    She has never been anything less than forthright and honest .. I really don’t think she knows how to operate any other way…

    When someone can prove something then we’ll talk, so far all there has been in gossip and innuendo. Reminds me of the way Karl Rove likes to run a campaign.

  3. Thomas Molitor says:

    Do disgruntled employees have the credibility to discredit the reputation of an elected public official, without providing any evidence to their allegations?

    Mary, all I know is that your office and the people that work in your office have created a hailstorm of controversy and accusations against you. I don’t know you, but from a PR standpoint you are a disaster. I have been in private business long enough to know that if there is a criticism or two – take it with a grain of salt – but if there is a pathological pattern of accusations against you, then, the R party is either doing a really good job at discrediting you (which I doubt the R party is that adapt at doing), or there is truth (at least a modicum) to the slings and arrows flown your way.

  4. Jake Flores says:

    This rant is actually a cry for help. It justifies a two-week commitment to the state hospital in Las Vegas for observation and, most likely, treatment. Her family/staff/BFFs–and Democratic Party “leadership” as well–must cease their denial and step in before Mary harms herself even more–draw up the commitment petition today and see to it that this disturbed woman gets the help she needs.

  5. Michael L Hays says:

    I have been following this back-and-forth without the slightest clue whom to believe. And yet it does not sort out into a wait-and-see, benefit-of-the-doubt, or innocent-until-proven-guilty situation. Herrara’s answers look entirely too pat, and characterizations of employees as “disgruntled” sounds too convenient. Anyone whose response to criticism is “no dirt on my whites” is too goody-goody to be credible. Thumbs down.

  6. Dr. J says:

    So there, the case is closed, the issue is fully explained and there is nothing going on, move along! Is that you writing Don Francisco?

  7. Juniors Farm says:


    For one thing, Herrera did not prepare this response. She does not have the ability to prepare such a statement as this. Anyone who has witnessed her writings, or her public speaking abilities (or inabilities) knows that someone wrote this for her, just as they do her Facebook account.

    Like I said recently as I commented to another story on this site, she is a Spin Dr. According to her, the former employees are disgruntled. The county clerks, in addition to being “problematic,” are disgruntled. The media has it out for her.

    In her reponse, she mentions a “full days work.” She should not comment on things she knows nothing about.

    Herrera will NEVER admit to any wrongdoing, as witnessed when a discriminating e-mail from her former Public Information Officer was made public. The e-mail showed that Herrera pressed Flores to get involved with the Republican Party so they wouldn’t run anyone against her. She also threw State Treasurer James Lewis under the bus by saying that she had a conversation with him, in which he stated that he would get rid of government exempt employees that did not support him.She actually denied saying what she said in the form of an e-mail.

    “Just let me hear some of that rock and roll music” “Just let me hear some of that rock and roll music” Just let me hear some of that rock and roll music”

    That’s what Herrera sounds like, a broken record.