Martinez leads by 10 points in internal poll


  1. jivaro99 says:

    You have deleted most of my rebuttals to Hemingway. I would like to know why. There is no attack, just a difference of opinion. I find your reporting and culling of responses leaning far to the left. If that is your aim, you are doing a good job.

  2. jeffnm says:

    This explains why Denish has been getting increasingly desperate….from wild “Tejana” attacks to ridiculous commercials trying to link a Las Cruces DA to former President Bush….

  3. stever says:

    Seems apparent that anyone getting paid by a campaign would have a real strong interest in accuracy since just telling someone what they want to hear would last about one cycle.

    I tend to think media focused polling is, at least in part, motivated by the audience. So FNC or MSNBC may not use as much independence in getting angles the on air folks can bloviate about and keep ratings up as long as possible

  4. Abq_Dude says:

    I guess you could poll voters until you get a desired result. In any event, even if the internal poll is off +/- 4 points, it still demonstrates Martinez is ahead. As an independent, I’m being convinced more and more each day that she would be better for New Mexico than Denish. I’ve just had enough of Richardson and his cronies than for Denish to supplant them with another batch, some of whom would be leftovers.

  5. Heath Haussamen says:

    I’ve updated the headline based on your concerns. Thanks for sharing them.

    Interestingly and as an aside, Rothenberg recently argued that internal polls are better than many others:

    Not sure he’s right, but I’m inclined to think internal polls are rarely skewed – the problem with them isn’t their results, it’s that campaigns only release them when it’s beneficial for them to do so, meaning we don’t get the polls in context of the overall trends the campaigns are seeing.

  6. henryk says:

    Heath — it’s a start, but the remainder of your story fails to make some of the obvious (and important) connections I mentioned below.

    Also, a main concern is that your title is misleading. Because of the nature of the poll, perhaps your title should read “Newest poll from Martinez campaign shows her ahead” or “Martinez leads by 10 points in new poll, campaign says.” Your title makes it sound like the poll is fair and neutral, which it isn’t (although again, it may very well be accurate).

    Something for you to keep in mind in the future. Otherwise, great site!

  7. Heath Haussamen says:


    The lead sentence of the article states, “according to a new poll conducted for her campaign.” Doesn’t that identify it as an internal poll the Martinez campaign had done?

  8. henryk says:

    Hey Heath, long time reader, first time poster here. Just thought i’d point out a glaring omission in this story, which is that this is basically an internal Martinez poll. She’s married to Martinez’s campaign strategist! So, disseminating a poll like this to eager bloggers is basically just another CAMPAIGN TACTIC to create a perception of inevitability around a win.

    Don’t get me wrong: the poll may be entirely accurate, but as a journalist, it’d be great if you could at least place the story in context for your readers.

    I know a lot of people who believe your stories on this race often read like veiled propaganda for Martinez and her strategists. A one sided angle on this poll doesn’t help your credibility!

    Otherwise, keep up the great work.

  9. ksparks says:

    I just wonder how Denish and her team will spin the November 2nd poll that actually defeats her and uries her political career?