Martinez’s marriage to cop has led to conflict allegations


  1. mesillerobob says:

    It is not the conflict of interest that bothers me, that ground has been trod for years, it is the comments that Martinez has made regarding how she will pursue corruption that are troublesome. Denish proposes to establish a bi-partisan Ethics Commission with teeth. Martinez wants to use the State Police. So, what are we facing here?

    It goes without saying that Martinez will make her own policitical appointments to office just as every other Gov has done. Those people will be chosen from the cadre that constitute her supporters. The problem her comments pose is in how she will deal with people that may not fall in line. Ethics is a questionable topic. So what are we to anticipate? Instead of an office of the first lady will we see Franco holding the office of first cop?

    While an ethics commission might not be as aggressive in rooting out evil in our state government, it certainly would be more balanced and more careful than a partisan use of the state police. But then Martinez is certainly more comfortable in her role as a DA where she simply needs to build a case and then use the police to pursue it. Is that what we want or need?

  2. nmwhitetiger says:

    I think that Mr. Haussamen should be commended for writing this story. It is simply unbelievable that people can look at one candidate in this race and claim there’s a conflict of interest and turn to another and then say one doesn’t exist.

    If you are going to say that there is a conflict of interest because one candidate who is an elected official has a spouse that is lobbyist then fine, let’s take a look at that.

    But then to turn to the other who is DA and is married to an Undersheriff and claim that everything is ok is ignoring your own logic. How can we presume that both have acted properly? Because they say so? If they have nothing to hide why is her campaign refusing to answer questions?

    Just because no one else in the media hasn’t examined this doesn’t mean there isn’t a problem. It is more emblematic of the lack of real journalism in this entire state.

    Lobbyists that are married to elected officials is one thing, but when two top law enforcement officers are married that’s quite another. These are the people that can detain someone and then prosecute them.

    Lobbyists deal with money. Law Enforcement deals with peoples lives. Which do you think is more deserving of protection?

  3. proudrepublican says:

    This has to be one of the funniest stories I have ever read! You have to be kidding me that since she is married to the “under sheriff’ she is somehow covering up bad police action? Instead of throwing out crazy accusations maybe you should offer up some proof because the article doesn’t offer up any proof other than she has done a great job operating within the confines of what the rules are, it isn’t up to the DA to start this board it would be up to the City Council and County Commission to put those boards in place. I have enver seen anything that says Susana Martinez is opposed to working with these boards, have any of you?

    In the end trying to tie Susana to corruption is crazy talk! In the end we have 70+ years of single party controll of this state and look where it has put us, you can not deny it or blame anyone else the democrats have run the show totally for over 70 years and now you have to answer for the problems you are resonsible for.

    Sit there shut up take your medicine becasue if history is any indicator it will not take Republicans very long to screw it up as well. I hope I am wrong and with folks like Susana Martinez, Dianna Duran and a few others I hold out hope that they will do a great job and make real changes to make NM a better place.

  4. Dr. J says:

    Such sillyness. I guess being a Texan and born and raised in El Paso makes her some kind of inhuman demon to fear and loath? Yet carpetbaggers from much further away geographically and culturally, like Richardson and Heinrich, are somehow our heroes in NM? Hypocrisy of the highest order.

  5. ksparks says:

    OMG Doris…Susana is a TEXAN?? I did not know that!!! That changes everything. WHAT??? What difference does it make? Have you seen the larger companies in Albuquerque recruiting from out of state specifically to bring in talent and knowledge they cannot find here??? Get used to it, Doris. There’s going to be alot of us born and raised elsewhere coming in to pick this state out of ruin.

  6. Doris V says:

    Susana Martinez is a fraud and a Texan. I’m disgusted by the negative ads from both Denish and Martinez. As a progressive democrat I’ll vote for Denish/Colon. The GOP makes me sick.

  7. ksparks says:

    @Thinker: I believe BOTH parties pander to the law enforcement community when it comes to ethical and legal oversight. That is why there are not civilian review boards for most police departments or city or county governments. The LAST thing law enforcement wants is “non-cops” looking over their shoulder and BOTH political parties will not confront that.

    As for Chuck and Susana’s marriage, any impropriety would have been blatantly obvious and with the amount of leftist political gadflies out there, they would have brought oit to light by now. I’m sure, Greg Valdez would have cried foul if he could have found anything.

    Law enforcement is NOT the darling of MY political leanings, they are to be respected but when that respect is earned. They’re are enough corrupt Sherriff’s Departments in New Mexico that are featured on the weekly news in New Mexico to prove that there should be more law enforcement oversight, preferably civilian.

    Frankly, Darren “I’ve never met a camera I didn’t like.” White is an embarassment to my party and I would hope that he will have absolutely NO PLACE in a Martinez administration.

  8. Thinker says:

    And as for

    Hemingway constantly attacks Republicans and never takes or admits to any fault of the Democrats.

    That’s inaccurate–he has also pointed out Democratic wrongs. But obviously, he holds a point of view that is in conflict with the Republicans far more often. Further more, he– admirably and helpfully– backs up his posts with weblinks to substantiation for his statements.

    But even so, in what universe does one have to live to think that there’s some kind of rule that commentors here are not allowed to attack Republicans with facts?

  9. Thinker says:

    For those of us who have witnessed the decades long “Soap Opera of the Insiders” here in Las Cruces, the Franco-Martinez marriage merely exemplifies the way our small city’s politics suffers from a depressing case of incest. Everybody’s married or related or obligated to everyone else, and they just get recycled up and down the food chain–which is why the state’s second largest city is often just ignored by Santa Fe. We act like small potatoes, government wise.

    I have to laugth when I read the statements of undying and blind support on the part of the Susana supporters here. The very same people wigging out that HCR is “government intrusion into our freedoms” can actually write:

    “I’m sure Chuck and Susana have taken and abided by the steps to avoid any impropriety.

    I do support civilian citizen review boards but, ask anyone in the law enforcement community and they will overwhelmingly tell you they frown upon non-law enforcemnt civilains reviewing things they “wouldn’t understand.”

    I mean, really? We employ the police to protect all of us, yet we don’t have any ability to judge whether they’re doing what we expect them to do? Chuck Franco and Susana Martinez are not to be held to scrutiny because they’re Republicans and we should just trust them? And you’re willing to hand a segment of your government–the police– that much unquestioning trust with your most basic civil rights— because they are a darling of your political party?

    There really IS one born every minute, apparently.

  10. jivaro99 says:

    It would seem that what is good for Denish is not good for Susana Martinez. It is perfectly all right for Denish to have her husband working as a lobbyist but for Susana to be married to a man who is under-sheriff is a blatant conflict of interest.
    Chuck Franco has been a good under-sheriff and has brought no dishonor to the sheriff’s department in any way. He has been a devoted husband to Susana and has kept the interests of Dona Ana county apart from his wife in all proprietary ways.
    The same can be said of Susana Martinez. She is a class act and for anyone to hit at her because of her marriage is in poor taste.
    It is just sour apples from the Progressive leftists and nay sayers. If they can’t stand the heat maybe Denish should get out of the kitchen and retire.

  11. ksparks says:

    Amen, left field. Hemingway constantly attacks Republicans and never takes or admits to any fault of the Democrats. Although, I am a conservative Republican, I can always see what might be detrimental to candidates in my own party. There is nothing out there on Susana Martinez that anyone can get to stick.

    I am totally unconcerned with anything G. Greg Valdez has to say about this matter. He is relying on his sour grapes to fortify his WHINE. Pun intended.

  12. left field says:

    Hemmingway – you should try fantasy football, bird watching, or join a book club. Something to broaden your perspective on life.

  13. westernsun says:


    Denish has her husband Herb listed on her disclosures as a lobbyist who secured a 500 million tax break from state while his wife was publicly beating the drum for the deal. That’s a big deal. She should disclose how much her household profitted from the deal.

  14. Hemingway says:

    As a followup G. Greg Valdez took his case against Ms. Martinez to the UNITED STATES COURT OF APPEALS

  15. Hemingway says:

    Someone should interview G. Greg Valdez, now an attorney in Las Cruces and former District Attorney. Ms. Martinez has ripped her former boss apart numerous times. Let’s hear his story and his thoughts about the conflicts. It would make a great story. In addition he has fought against Ms. Martinez in a number of cases.

  16. stever says:

    It be much less of a problem if he were a lobbyist. There are good rules to avoid any conflicts (eyes roll).

  17. ksparks says:

    Much ado about nothing…these situations would be so obvious for people to call foul that I’m sure Chuck and Susana have taken and abided by the steps to avoid any impropriety.

    I do support civilian citizen review boards but, ask anyone in the law enforcement community and they will overwhelmingly tell you they frown upon non-law enforcemnt civilains reviewing things they “wouldn’t understand.”

  18. Hemingway says:

    Here is an interesting case where former District Attorney Greg Valdez, who fired Susana Martinez, accused her later of using law enforcement agencies for a vendetta against him. So it can be easily be seen that she could have a conflict with Chuck Franco as Undersheriff.

    She met Mr. Franco when she was an Instructor at the Las Cruces Police Department Academy in the 1990’s.