Finance reports reveal which races are hot


  1. left field says:


    Check out the relationship between Gary King and Richardson\Denish. It’s a triangle of massive contributions back and forth.

    King has received over $55,000 in campaign contributions from the two over the last four years.

    I am not sure how Chandler and Martinez are tied together other than they are both prosecutors that claim to hold officials accountable. I am voting for Martinez, Chandler, and Duran!

  2. Carmen says:

    Well great strategist Harvey Yates has some problems doesn’t he? I guess he hasn’t figured out that he’s supposed to find GOOD candidates. These Errol Chavez and Jim Schoonover guys are a little weird.

    Why hasn’t there been any reporting on the Lt. Governor fundraising? I noticed that John Sanchez is raising money. Why is he doing that, Heath? Is he trying to pay back the debt he incurred by buying the Lt. Governor’s race?

    The only Republicans I think I’m voting for this year are Duran and Rush. Chandler bothers me because of his ties to Martinez. I’m just not going to cast a vote in the other races.

  3. conservativerodriguez says:

    Ramirez I completely agree! The fact that the Republican party recruits people just to have some running in the race makes us look bad yet we do it every election cycle. If we don’t have anyone good to run then we need to begin finding someone who maybe in a few years could run for the post and represent us as Republicans well and bring integrity to the different offices. Running for the sake of running needs to stop!!

  4. Ramirez says:

    I have not been impressed by Errol Chavez in the least; or Jim Schoonover. Chavez has very little appeal as a candidate, and seems like he simply lacks the energy to be a state auditor. But I have seen Chavez around the state, I’ll give him some credit. I haven’t seen much of Balderas, but he is appealing and has done a good job. Schoonover has not been seen anywhere, has no money and his opponent Treasurer Lewis has been running a campaign like he was fighting for his political life. I give Lewis much credit.

    As for Duran, she really needs to capitalize on Herrera’s errors and raise money; the Secretary of State’s office can be a pivotal race that can affect elections for years to come, especially with the Presidential Election in 2012. We need someone that is competent in office that can administer fair elections. Herrera has lost the trust of many New Mexicans.