Denish’s internal poll has Martinez leading by 5


  1. henryk says:

    Heath — Joe Monahan’s blog had an excellent analysis of both these polls this morning.

    One thing caught my eye in that story — he said insiders are saying you’re a potential candidate to be a communications director in a Martinez administration.

    Can you address this rumor?

  2. DontTaxMeBro! says:

    It’s a little interesting and suspicious that Denish’s polling firm’s memo is dated today, September 22, 2010. Were they in a hurry to push out a poll with results that they think favor them? Do they seriously think people don’t notice these things?

    From Shur:

    “Every public poll released on the race has reached the same conclusion, with Albuquerque Journal poll by Brian Sanderoff calling the race ‘up in the air.’”

    Okay Shur, but a trend is a trend is a trend…..and “every public poll released on the race has reached the same conclusion”: MARTINEZ IS AHEAD….and has been since May!!

    REading the Albuquerque Journal report on Denish, I realized she’s been running for Lt. Governor or Governor since 1994. So after 16 years, I think everyone knows who Diane Denish is. Yet she still can’t get above the low 40s!! How on earth does she think she can win in a year that favors Republicans? Oh, that’s right, she’s airing ads linking Martinez to Bush. As if THAT’S going to work. LOL!

  3. ched macquigg says:

    Mr Shur,

    Would you be so courageous as to cite the specifics to which you refer when you write;

    “While the Martinez for Governor campaign works diligently to spin numbers …”

    I would like to understand the “spin” to which you refer, clearly enough to determine who the real “spinner” is; you or Ms Martinez?