King leads Chandler in two polls


  1. NorthernPride says:

    BTW, ajedrez, which case did you watch Chandler prosecute? Because, you obvously didn’t see waht the jury saw since Chandler has convicted EVERY defendant he has ever prosecuted. He has convicted over 30 murders in his career. Was it one of those cases?

    Was it the men that burned the two elderly people in the trunk of their car? Nope, he convicted them and sentenced them to over 250 combined years in jail.

    Was it the man that broke in a house in Quay County and sexually assaulted a girl and put her back in her bed before running out the front door? Nope, he convicted him and sentenced him to 133 years.

    Was it the lady that embezzeled$143,000 from the Eastern Plains Council of Governent? Nope, she was convicted also and senteced to 10 years in prison.

    So tell us, which case did you watch the District Attorney prosecute? And at the same time, go ahead and tell us what case you watched Gary King prosecute… love to hear about that one.

  2. NorthernPride says:

    I’ve seen Chandler’s record as a prosecutor. If I was a criminal I would want King as my prosecutor. I would never be held accountable for what ever I did!

  3. ajedrez says:

    I’ve seen Chandler in court, I would rather have King.

  4. ched macquigg says:

    There was a time during the cold war, when NATO anti-tankers, facing the largest tank army in history, were told they would enjoy a “target rich” environment on the battlefields in Europe. How’s that for a euphemism?

    Those who would fight public corruption, NMAG Gary King for example, have enjoyed a target rich environment in Santa Fe for the last eight years, and haven’t scored more than a very occasional hit.

    It is clear that King is unable or unwilling to engage the enemy. It is just as clear, it is time to give some else a chance to clean up the mess.

    For the life of me, I cannot understand why Gary King enjoys any support at all.

  5. NorthernPride says:

    A King insider told me a month ago that King was up 30 points on Chandler. About a week ago, Phil Sisneros ( AG employee/King campaign manager) said that King was up 20 points according to their inside poll. Now the ABQ Journal is showing that King has a 15 point lead on Chandler. Looks like it is going to be a showdown on Nov. 2nd!

  6. jivaro99 says:

    I have seen polls come out wrong in elections many times. King is a do nothing Attorney General and should be taken out of office. He has sandbagged on prosecuting the Progressive Dems and has too much garbage in his bag.

    I wouldn’t count Matt Chandler out just yet. The outcome will come where the rubber meets the road and that is at the polls.

  7. source1 says:

    The Secretary of State, the Governor, the delays for Smiley G. and Rebecca Vigil-Giron, the list goes on and on and on. King is tied to everyone of them as giving them a pass.

    King received over $54,000 dollars to his last campaign from Big Bill Richardson – and King didn’t do anything about the scandals in the gov’s office. Hmmm. Pay to Protect? Now there’s a new one.

    As a law enforcement officer and supporter of Chandler, I like the momentum Chandler is gathering and believe this race won’t be called until the late hours of election night.

    Thanks for keeping us updated on this race, may the toughest on corruption win.