Ray Powell is wrong for New Mexico


  1. new_mexican says:

    Pat Lyons was wrong for New Mexico.

  2. IcarusPhoenix says:

    No, but Pat Lyons does very little for anyone else without marching orders; this is merely the GOP’s opening salvo of the general election. What this demonstrates is two things; first, the New Mexico GOP expects Dr. Powell to win the primary, and second, they are showing us what kind of campaign they intend to run against him.

    That being said, I thank Commissioner Lyons for the above list of Ray’s accomplishments. Admittedly, he’s taking credit for them, but most of what he’s touting up there are initiative begun during Ray Powell’s tenure as Land Commissioner, and most educated people are more than aware of it.

  3. grande says:

    One must ask: Is Lyon’s running against Powell?? Is Lyon’s supporting one of the Democrats running against Powell (hint: look at the District 5 PRC race in 06 and see who Lyon’s supported), or, is Lyon’s looking for unearned media in his bid for the District 4 PRC race (which it appears he will lose)?