Martinez pulls ahead of Weh, poll finds


  1. jivaro99 says:

    When it comes to the choice of Weh over Martinez, she will garner most of the people behind her. She is a class act and has the interest of the people of New Mexico in mind. She had proven this time and again as the DA of Dona Ana County.

    For anyone to vote for Weh would be foolish. I would say ‘we need to send Allen on his (way) Weh.’ He has proven he is not worthy of leading a state that has so much trouble from the last administration.

  2. wedum59 says:

    If NM has an all-Hispanic, Republican ticket that is tough on illegal immigration, that might help break the log jam on this issue.

  3. galrepub says:

    So all of Weh’s nastiness and half truths have not paid off. We got the call from Rove yesterday and their was no statement at the end of who had paid for the call. I find it interesting that, according to the poll, Weh is so supported by women. In the video of him being interviewed on TV in Alb where Susana calls him out on his taxes, he is so rude and does not even acknowledge that she is there. This is supposed to show he is a strong man? It just shows he has no respect for his opponents and it makes you wonder how he treats women in general. This is exactly how he treated people as chairman of the NMGOP. Ms. Martinez is one tough lady to keep her cool after all he has thrown at her.