Results from the GOP state preprimary convention


  1. Morrow Hall says:

    As a Democrat who attended our bursting-at-the-seams convention, I would have felt “dissed” if the Albuquerque Journal had covered our event as it did the GOP’s. All of our unchallenged candidates were listed, while only the contested races on the Republican side were covered. I’m wondering who will be running for AG and SofS and so forth.

  2. wedum59 says:

    Arnold-Jones would need only 34 signatures, minimum (say, 60 to be on the safe side) to file for re-election to the HD 24 seat. (See Candidate Guide, page 30.)

  3. Astute Observer says:

    Don’t normally like Texans … but Just Tex has a good view …

  4. Astute Observer says:

    Wedum and Ched – the deadline for the legislative races is Tuesday, the 16th … but the stories I’ve read say all five are staying in the race so that discussion is mute. Off hand … if you want the transparency issue to be front and center … support Arnold-Jones. I’m still taken by the positions of the front runners … Martinez wants to prosecute everybody and everything, Weh is taking the hill … don’t see much strategic thought there. Domenici … the one the pundits had to win, was dead last and the pundits still say he has a chance … but the two brightest , most innovative, and most capable candidates – Arnold-Jones and Turner – are toast. Anyone see a flubergotchagupup there? I read an opinion in one blog note that the Domenici campaign manager took the preprimary convention to be a straw poll … interesting spin and awfully obtuse … but the fact is that the race now turns to the electorate – which has a habit of making up its own mind on things. In these pissy days, that is more likely.
    Lastly – I’ve read that a successful candidate has never gotten less than 20 percent in the preprimary … how many front runners in governors races have been successful the past 20 years? Uh … none. Ya want stats, we got stats …
    Game on.

  5. Just Tex says:

    Just remember GOP, our gubernatorial opposition IS Denish!

    At long last we have a cast of candidates that ALL seem to be very worthy of our support and our votes.

    With that, be thankful. The rest will work itself out.

  6. ched macquigg says:


    The deadline has already passed for entering legislative races; JAJ cannot change coursed even if she wanted to, which she does not. You are right that she is respected on both sides of the aisle. The justification for that respect will carry her in this race. The more people she meets, the more people like her.

    If Turner and Domenici throw their support to her, she would be ahead of Weh, who has peaked. His political machine got him some convention votes, but it won’t get him voters’ votes.

    Martinez simple doesn’t have the wide and deep knowledge of state government and the legislature as JAJ.

    This one isn’t in the dust bin yet.

  7. wedum59 says:

    I hope Janice Arnold-Jones will reconsider what would likely be a futile race, throw her support to Martinez, and stay in the legislature. She has been a leader in the fight for transparency there and I believe she is respected for that on both sides of the aisle.

  8. sugar says:

    Running for Governor is a full time job so how about this for a weekly poll question. Does Dona Ana County deserve a full time Distrist Attorney?

  9. new_direction_2010 says:

    What the Denish camp has feared the most has come to pass…Susana’s always been the one candidate they did NOT want to face in November. I knew Susana’s campaign would ignite into a firestorm of support once delegates at the pre-primary convention saw that she’s got the fire in the belly for being governor.

  10. rooseveltrepublican says:

    Very exciting day in Albuquerque. Great crowd of enthusiastic Republicans!

    I hear that at least two Governor candidates and Commissioner of Public Lands candidate Bob Cornelius have said that they will file addition petition signatures. Should be very interesting!

  11. Hemingway says:

    By the way where is Susana Martinez’s campaign headquarters? I was going to stop and pick up some campaign literature. Also is she attending to the duties as Distrist Attorney while campaigning for governor?