Denish raised $750K in fourth quarter


  1. jivaro99 says:

    as the old saying goes “It ain’t over till the fat lady sings. Money doesn’t always mean you will be elected. Grass roots and perseverance counts a lot too. Also the job done by the incumbent means more.

  2. westernsun says:

    Yes, the democrats have a lot of ideas. Let’s see, line your pockets with state funds, raise taxes when you’ve spent all the money and there’s nothing left, and pretend that Manny Aragon, Vigil and Montoya, Roberta Vigil, Jerome Block(s) (plural), Joe Ruiz, Smiley Gallegos, Vigil-Giron–oh wait, and Bill Richardson– are all isolated incidents and are no reflection on the kind of politicians churned out by the Democrat party of New Mexico.

  3. NoWeh says:

    Diane is running away with this thing. The Republicans have no ideas, have no momentum, have no money…and have no chance. She’s running laps around these amateurs …