Was Weh really taking on his party over Iglesias?


  1. Dr. J says:

    No problemo Ms. Wedum, Javy will be much better than Colon ever was.

  2. wedum59 says:

    I appreciate Astute Observer’s comments about Weh’s high-handed tactics at the Las Cruces Republican convention. Having chaired a lot of meetings myself and having studied Roberts Rules of Order diligently in an effort to do a good job, I am always appalled when I observe meetings being badly run by the clueless or dictatorial.

    I am pleased to say that I did not ever observe this happening with the DPNM former chair, Brian Colón. Hope the new chair will be as diligent.

  3. Astute Observer says:

    You failed to point out that, utlimately, Representative Ogle was vindicated on the domestic abuse charges – and while a divorce ensured, he has custody of their son – which is a key indicator. Mr. Weh rushed to judgement, he was wrong, and the State lost a good legislator. Whiile it is true that he stood up to, and opposed his Party – it was largely the rank and file that he stood up to and not the influential and powerful members of the party – it is disengenuous to imply he was the loud voice of reason howling in the wilderness – more like he was part of The Pack. I simply can’t forget, nor forgive, his conduct at the quadrennial convention in Las Cruces last year when he threw a delegate out of the meeting for daring to say, ‘Mr Chariman – a point of information …’ after which Mr. Weh informed the converntion that it was “… my bat, my ball, my game …”

    Mr. Weh is an American hero – patriot, triple purple heart recipient, he was awarded the Silver Star and Bronze Star … I honor him for that, and would follow him into battle … but being a good combat leader isn’t necessarily an indicator that he would be a good governor. A better indicator is how he led, or bludgeoned, the Republican Party – while he raised a lot of money, he failed to listen, he failed to coalesce the Party, he failed to foster and grow new leaders and create bench strength to compete in the down ballot races – he even declined to even speak with several candidates who sought his counsel, he played favorites and didn’t trust the judgment of the electorate. After all – why would that be necessary … ‘my bat, my ball, my game’.