‘A game changer:’ DA Martinez is running for governor


  1. Desert Designs says:

    Wow – this is a tough call for me – I wish I knew if Heather was going to run or not. If she doesn't Susana has my vote for sure and depending on the outcome of any debates with Heather Wilson, she may have my vote any way. She definitely has a proven zero-tolerance record on child abuse and is helping schools fight truancy issues by holding parents and students responsible too. As for being a threat to the Albuquerque candidates – bring it on – it's time the "Northern" part of the state realized that I-25 doesn't end at Bernalillo and that New Mexico is made up of more than Sandoval, Santa Fe and Bernalillo counties.

  2. Cami Herrera says:

    Ms. Martinez will get a warm reception from other GOP Guv candidiates for now but will undoubtedly be fed to the lions when it comes to the party loyalty, especially if she appears to be a threat to the Albuquerque candiadates.

  3. Ben says:

    Heather Wilson better hope the primary isn't decided by a boxing match.

    Faster, please.

  4. George says:

    Your history of Susana falls a little short (or starts too late). Susana was Doug Driggers top assistant for many years. She and Greg Valdez contested the Democratic primary race for DA and Greg won. The DA race that year was decided during the primary as the Republicans didn't have a candidate. Greg's fatal mistake is that he didn't just fire her as an at will employee when he took office. Instead he kept her on, resulting with the party switch and elections as you stated, and the Susana dynasty in the DA's office.

  5. J. Ramirez says:

    Northern New Mexicans for Susana!!!

    This is the energy the GOP has been lacking for years and now has it.

    I hope she can do it, we need her now more than ever.

  6. Paul says:

    Ahh…Dona Ana falling in love with Dona Ana. Does Joseph Cervantes ring a bell? Dr. Jose would love it, Heath you would love it…but the fact is…she will not play in the NE Heights of ABQ, not to mention SE New Mexico, where Heather will win easily. Step back, take a deep breath and acknowledge that since yours and Dr. Jose's love affair with J. Cervantes has fallen short…you are just searching for another Dona Ana County political love affair.

  7. Thinker says:

    As a "democrat" (someone who leans democrat but is an independent voter), and a person who has personally worked with Ms. Martinez in the field of victims services, I will say that at this time, I TOTALLY support her bid for governor. She might be running as a Repubiclican, but she is definitely a SANE Republican.

    As to her ability to handle the executive duties of the Office of Governor, I also must say I feel pretty optimistic. She has been dealing with the reality of living and working as an elected official in New Mexico for many years. She manages a gigantic budget in the 3rd Judicial District. She has to understand what the realities are here in "real people land", and has a more hands-on, reality=based philosophical balance of ideas–which is what should be the mindset in the office of the Governor–than the political "hacks" who have stated their interest in running for governor in this state. The people of New Mexico REALLY need to get to know Susanna Martinez before they make any foregone conclusions about her.

    As a Progressive, I applaud and support you, Susanna!

  8. Voter says:

    Viva Susanna! She is exactly what NM needs!!!