GOP hammers Heinrich on ‘lobbying,’ skipping debate


  1. NMtruth says:

    Darren White is the best choice for Congressman. Why would Martin Heinrich not want to debate and what could be more important than letting voters know where you stand. It goes against commons sense for a politician who is running for office to skip free media opportunities… unless he is afraid of standing behind his record, business practices or something else…

    Darren White is an good, honest, hard-working man with a lifelong record of public service. Don’t be fooled by Martin Heinrich New Mexico.

  2. SteveR says:

    Talk about avoiding the issue. Was he lobbying? Does lobbying for a non profit mean you don’t have to comply with the law. Perhaps its not possible to use such a nasty word as “lobbying” with such a nice innocent term like “non profit”?

  3. SteveR says:

    “Advocacy” vs “Lobbying” a distiction without a difference, once money’s involved.